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Hi all, what do you think of establishing a Code of Conduct for digipres.club? It will help us federate with friendly instances.

I am thinking of adopting what we have at our sister instance glammr.us/about/more

Feel free to edit draft at docs.google.com/document/d/1pm

Thanks @misty for bringing this up.


Also, anyone would like to volunteer as a co-admin for digipres.club? Mainly maintenance to make sure this instance runs smoothly for all.

@joshuatj Overall looks great to me. My one suggestion would be to ideally get an option for anonymous reporting of harassment in place, but having the doc up and getting more community admins who can hash that out takes priority.

I'd be willing to volunteer soon, the next month is just going to be a tad overwhelming since I'm moving, so I don't want to commit a thing I can't properly dedicate time to yet

@misty sorry took me so long, but you're an admin now!

@joshuatj 👍 Let me know if you need anything specific from me!

@misty nothing much as of now. But maybe you can help welcome new members?

@joshuatj Sure! I'm glad to do that. Is there a way to find new members, ir just as I notice new people around?

@misty New members will automatically follow admins. So when you see "xyz followed you", it's usually a new member.

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