Franz Hoeller, HS-ART Digital Service GmbH, on Stains - still a nightmare?.

What he call stains, looks to me like the infamous Asian green mould. Franz demonstrates the new semi-auto filter for DIAMANT-Film Restoration Software to tackle this nightmare.


The before & after looks great! Franz calls for more Stains sample to help R&D.

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@joshuatj what are input formats that this couldn’t be done with? Would it work with ffv1?

@mickylindlar did you mean does DIAMANT work with FFV1? Frankly I have no idea.

@joshuatj yeah, or restoration in general - potential n00b question. Would assume that it should work technically but is there an implied quality factor which would render restoration in a mezzanine format like FFV1 nonsense ?

@mickylindlar technically if you are using FFV1's lossless compression, it wouldn't be a mezzanine format. I have a feeling DIAMANT won't be able to support FFV1 natively. I think most restoration/editing softwares are waiting for FFV1 to be standardised by before they would support FFV1.

@joshuatj @mickylindlar I've worked a little bit with DIAMANT Dustbuster+ the past couple years. I just tried for the heck of it and technically speaking it at least will import FFV1 (though only wrapped in MOV, no MKV). But it only renders/exports still image formats, so who knows exactly what's happening in that decode/encode....might be worth some tests!

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