@joshuatj Yeah, I've tried to ward that off anywhere I've worked, but I hear things like this from other people all the time 😞

@joshuatj "Just spent half my organization's budget on an enterprise-level data management contract, so we'll never have to worry about preservation again" 😅

FYI John Bell (@nmdjohn on Twitter) is Dartmouth's Associate Director of the Media Ecology Project and Manager of the Digital Humanities Program.

If any of you need an intro or deeper dive into MySQL and PHP for humanities collections and DH projects, Dartmouth’s @nmdjohn is your man. There are a few seats left in his online course on Digital Collections and Exhibitions starting in a week DigitalCuration.UMaine.edu

📝 📷 ➡️ 🖥❓What's your favorite software+hardware for scanning still images or digitizing archival docs—ideally open source? Uber-conservator @unstablearchive and uber-preservationist @ablwr would love Twitter replies or notes added to this Google Doc! bits.ashleyblewer.com/blog/201 [repeated from Twitter]

Hey New Yorkers--I'm in the city Saturday 13 April and happy to share a coffee or similar with fellow folks. (What's the Mastodon equivalent of "tweeps"? I hope it's not "poots.")

What do checksums, emulators, and DNA storage have in common? All taught in my online course this spring. Boy I have fun with this class. bit.ly/1hcnyHv

Some takeaways from this highly entertaining convo with LoC film guru Geo Willeman: the most volatile film medium is ironically the most stable; famous directors are shooting digital and printing on analog; there's a mystery reel locked in the same safe as the Zapruder film 🔫 🎞 🗄 digitalcuration.umaine.edu/tel

MT @DigitCurator: Can we link public and private Web archives without compromising privacy? This proposed framework uses Memento aggregators to negotiate between them arxiv.org/pdf/1806.00871.pdf

@nkrabben Yeah, I guess I’m thinking of less specialized cloud hosting solutions, like Amazon Web services. AWS allows anyone to create a database, website, or CMS, but its atomized structure makes it difficult for digital preservationist to grab hold of a directory structure.

@nkrabben Google has vast resources and talent but fell behind Amazon and Microsoft in cloud computing and services

Microsoft just surpassed Google in market cap. Why? Because Google ignored the cloud. Like most digital preservationists. cnbc.com/2018/05/29/microsoft-

Looking forward to hearing some neat research in indigenous archiving, community self-archiving, and distributed collections featured at Friday's Yale symposium “Is This Permanence.” My keynote, entitled “Your Archival Format Will Not Save You,” should be live-streamed from 3:30-4:30pm


Hey emulation aficionados: know any OS X or web-based EaaS emulators that can run early browsers like Netscape 4?

@edsu I agree! Sometimes new media encourage us to look back at older media differently.

@edsu Yes, Colin is talking about distributed preservation--something we should all be doing more of. I've never met him but will mention you said to connect :)

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