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TIL MIT has an enterprise app for surplus inventory management. There are a total of 10 users and each user gets a ranking based on activity. Requested a Iomega Jaz drive that was posted 2 years ago, I am now ranked 7th in the app.

Documentation never ends but I guess it's good to share! Here's our combo digital/physical processing manual if curious about "the way we do it here":

"CL_TYPE_SCRIPT may be assigned to data contained in a PDF when the PDF indicates that a stream of bytes is “Javascript”" [1] sort of makes me think it does if scanPDF [2] is turned on


Sort of an in-the-weeds question but does anyone know if how clamav scans PDF's normally will detect things like embedded javascript or do you have to enable detection of potentially unwanted applications for that?

Nice, the outdated version of Confluence we use only has a PDF viewer that requires Flash 🤦‍♂️

Presenting today and tempted to reply to all questions with, "I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it"

I remember Esmé Cowles had an amusing talk on Emoji Curation at Code4Lib 2018, but in this case we actually need one 😅

tangent on the emoji metadata - depending on when your instance was migrated your name for it like ":cookiemonster:" would remain the same if it was the first imported or be appended with a 4 digit number i.e. ":cookiemonster-8651:" if imported later, so there are like 6 different ones for basically the same thing! Plus with name variants like ":cookie-monster:" it's a mess 🍪

In light of the recent Slack news I'm reminded that at MIT we were moved to an MIT enterprise slack last year where the separate instances remain but you can DM anyone across instances (also everyone shares custom emojis so you get some strange ones). I don't think anyone has discovered this feature or the random people who cold email me don't use slack. Either way, it's a disaster waiting to happen

Nice to find out from a job ad about something you'll probably be working on for the next 2 years

"Don't trust companies with your data, trust algorithms."

If you're not exhausted by the never ending quest to find the *first edition* of Zork, this may be it: from ~2 months after coding began. And a playable binary to boot!

Before ZORK there was TRIVIA, a late-1970s trivia game made by the same group before they went into text adventures. Here's the source code:

Is there a support group for people who feel bad about submitting issues to FOSS projects?

Plugged in and used my mouse for the first time in a long while today. Trying to remember why I abandoned this technological marvel. 🖱️

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