racist computing terminology 

I love the stylized way Lisa Peattie wrote her name on this floppy

Excited this is finally up and running! Now to wait and see what community response will be 💾 libguides.mit.edu/digmediatran

Interesting playback in Archive-It for an Instagram capture. It takes the link in the profile and displays it as the archived link.

happened upon the Blackout History Project this morn blackout.gmu.edu/ and this wonderful gif

A little dos box action testing files for a researcher. Unfortunately it's more about molecules than designing pots digipres.club/media/rOIRGwOS_u

"If an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist." -Jocasta Nu, Jedi archivist digipres.club/media/xd_MeeDu14


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