Plugged in and used my mouse for the first time in a long while today. Trying to remember why I abandoned this technological marvel. 🖱️

Is an edgelord someone who endlessly brings up edge cases, disrupting most work progress?

lmao at an accessibility feedback button that covers up part of the video I'm trying to watch

I had a strange dream last night where I came across a combo PS3/VHS that was only sold in Japan. The controller had a cassette tape slot embedded into it too

Gave a shout out to recently for being a helpful community... I guess I should actually log on once in a while

Slack needs a preview or "play once" option for animated emojis. I have all animation turned off but sometimes I'll use a random custom emoji that might be animated and I have no idea if it conveys a different meaning than the still version

A January 1978 version of Zork (slightly later than the previous one) is now online: 🔦

chuckling to myself after having to type the command 'rm -r karen'

The schedule is out and registration is now open for the BitCurator Users Forum 2020! 💾 🖥️ 🌵 Enjoy the dry heat of Arizona virtually

US archivist: "Hey, I'm going to SAA"
French archivist: "You don't have to be such a try hard"

"The torrent of paper data led at least one health department to request additional forces. Washington State recently brought in 25 members of the National Guard to assist with manual data entry for results not reported electronically."

Just a Regular Joe working on some Regular Expressions

Researchers be like "I know (discovered) a spot" and then show you a catalog entry from 1994.

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