This is working pretty well on images created by our CS department in the 90s/2000s of their old timeshare machine tapes. If you find yourself in this weird situation like me, check it out. I've been in touch with the developer and he's added some handling for duplicate files and sym links

Put in an inquiry as to whether I can transfer my remaining professional development funds for FY20 to something like the Harold T. Pinkett Student of Color Award or Brenda Banks Travel Award. I doubt the money can be reallocated in that way, but it's worth a shot

switched my Zoom date format to ISO-8601 and you should too

Whelp, MIT Libraries one up'd the Institute by banning all sponsored domestic and international travel until May

Of course IIPC is the very last week of MIT's new ban on sponsored international travel 😞

Good afternoon to everyone except fixity digest checking tools unable to parse different line endings 😫

In today's installment of abandoned websites we look at semantic web technology:

And with warc upload to Archive-It, you can enjoy the DSpace Federation website from 2007 in your own home:

Warcit continues to be a wonderful resource for warcing up old static website files you've got laying around

I'd like to think my adding info about Aldous Huxley's MIT lectures on his Wikipedia last fall caused someone to request access recently

Some guy with a similar name to me has applied for 3 jobs recently but has used my email address... I assume this is from a typo and not identity theft 🤔

General advice on running this tool? 

Now I'm seeing more than 2 tweets in the METS 🤔

I was processing some twitter JSON data files through Archivematica and when FITS/ExifTool was run I think it took the data from the first tweet in each file and interpreted it as metadata which in turn was written into the METS data about the file! Weird!

Cisco should make the AnyConnect and Webex logos more dissimilar so I don't start a conference call every time I want to connect to VPN

I asked Flickr if they could provide me with any info on the company's environmental sustainability plans, they pointed me to this link:

I am so confused why this designer sent me their talk on typography? "Hi Joe, here's the link:" ... thank you?

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