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It's always nice when you send an email and someone agrees to query their database for you instead of having to figure out a way to scrape their site. I've now got a 300+ url seed list to dig into!

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oh hey, who knew readpst worked with ost files too. Yay mbox conversion 📬

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GLAM friends! A friend let me know that there’s an opening for a records management job at the Vancouver company she works for.

Note: I'm not one of the organizers, so this is actually the first I'm hearing of it

Looks like the iPres 2018 keynote speakers have been posted:

"And here is a dark truth of planning for “climate resilience.” Decisions about which areas will be protected are not only about whose safety will be guaranteed; they also involve transnational concerns like reassuring global investors and preserving manufacturing supply chains."

A scheduled web archiving crawl contained a legacy scoping rule to accept all URLs containing "blogs" and has resulted in over 500,000 hosts from ... whoops

Found out about the dark-grey theme for MS 0ffice and my eyes are feeling better already 😎 🌚

I can only assume that the "SystemKernelPanic.rtf" file saved to the desktop on one of our processing computers is meant as a daily memento mori for me and other digital archivists to come

Something neat I came across: a dual-screen interactive fiction game utilizing a laserdisc and 5.25" floppy

Some upcoming software preservation webinars from the Software Preservation Network softwarepreservationnetwork.or

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Coral Salomón explaining how detailed archives of community activity around hurricanes in Puerto Rico (facebook live stream) was captured with Webrecorder. History is written on commercial platforms and has to be extracted.

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@joe @nkrabben @beet_keeper I finally managed to write this up, and linked back to this thread - I hope that’s okay?!

I've got a file that I can't open or identify that starts and ends with with the hex 0B AD DE ED. Is this some sort of hexspeak people have seen of before? Judging from the text that I can read, it might have been created in the late 80s

Anyone in the crowd have thoughts on a laptop that would be good for digital archiving or digital preservation tasks? 👨‍💻

New digital collection site for the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies Collection (maintained by the Program for Art, Culture and Technology not the Libraries)

Design is based on the work of Muriel Cooper

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"Lundgren does not deny that he made the discs, or hoped to sell them. But he says this was no profit-making scheme. By his account, he just wanted to make it easier to extend the usefulness of secondhand computers — keeping more of them out of the trash."

Preserving these dynamic new logos will also most likely mean preserving the Processing app that generates them too