So far I'm most interested in finding out what's on this disk, my hope is it's toilet design software

finally starting a survey for legacy digital media in our collections, catching up to archivists from the early 2010s!

Some thoughts about *that* talk _Why "Web Archiving" is No Longer a Useful Concept or Phrase_

I went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole recently which led to writing a post on a strange web domain for kids the U.S. government created in the early aughts

TIL you can now easily set your pronouns in Zoom settings. Hooray for dedicated metadata fields!

Putting some born-digital material into our terrible DSpace repo! It's all we've got so it's good enough until we reach that mythical replacement access system ❣

The way archivematica stores AIPs by breaking the UUID into subfolders has resulted in a wonderful one just called "beef"

The scanned source code for ELIZA is now publically available and CC0 (the first I'm hearing of this lolsob)

Onion routing turns 25 this month. 🎂

You’re invited to celebrate this moment with us to talk about the beginnings of onion routing & how this idea became Tor.

🗓️ Mark your calendar: Wed., May 26, 18:00 UTC / 14:00 Eastern / 11:00 Pacific

omg [unrelated to last toot] the help text for the 7z "-r" flag: "Recurse subdirectories (CAUTION: this flag does not do what you think, avoid using it)"

This is a real error message from Archivematica, copied here in its entirety:


If anyone was worried, i got the drive 🎷

I am now ranked 6th in the app

Before it was the MIT Media Lab it was the Architecture Machine Group, here's some pics of their office:

This one is the best, and even better is I don't *think* it's Negroponte

Being a mansplainer must be exhausting, my energy levels are depleted just when explaining things to people when they actually ask me to

highlight of a recent webinar, someone saying "I am so sick" with no context or follow up after

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