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Joe Carrano

Barenaked Ladies "One Week" but about a file and fixity checking

Interesting that youtube-dl still uses stream fragments for download even when there's a direct download link (at least for Vimeo). I guess the assumption of the tool is you'll always need to wrest the video from a closed platform

rocking 7 mb/s download speed today ⏱ 👀 😴

Something tells me this libguide hasn't been updated in a while

Has anyone been to _the_ Digital Initiatives Symposium? And was it worth it? A colleague of mine wants us to submit a proposal

kryofluckery - (n.) messing around with kryoflux until you can get a floppy disk to read or die trying

Awesome - mold eaten slides that were scanned creating new art

Jimmy Fournier discussing preserving interactive works using webrecorder and standardizing their preservation practice with audiovisual works. He'll talk more on thursday morning about storytelling in digital preservation

In my limited ethnographic study it seems that 66% of digital preservationists have an aversion to hearing their voice electronically amplified

Blau cites format issues as one of the main issues to preserving these works. Conversion and transfer has caused issues when presenting them

Blau is exploring the territory where design and science meet in regard to urbanism

Getting started at with Eve Blau talking on "Urban Intermedia: City, Archive, Narrative"

"If an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist." -Jocasta Nu, Jedi archivist

Cost of iPRES got you down? Well, if you have the means to get Boston on September 27, there will be a FREE half-day unconference style event called apres iPRES. Hopefully some good digital preservation conversations will be had!

Registration and more info here:

Excited to have found a copy of Eden Medina's "Cybernetic Revolutionaries" on a free book giveaway shelf

I've been interested in reading it since listening to this 99pi ep

Question for the group: are we a bot friendly instance? Or would we prefer bots stay in instances like

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