@platypus @TeamMidwest when CMU posted for a digital archivist back in 2017, I applied & as part of the app had to specify my salary expectation (no range given, of course!). They contacted me for a phone interview, I agreed, then they told me the max salary was high 40s. I pulled out before interviewing and I know of at least 2 others who did too. They went on to openly tell people the search was unsuccessful because of lack of qualified candidates

NDSA Levels of Preservation Reboot Project Implementation Subgroup Survey

We hope you might take the time to complete the following survey & let us know what you think of the Levels, especially what you like most about them, & where they might need a rethink. And please note, the survey isnโ€™t just for those people who are already using the NDSA Levels. If you donโ€™t intend to use them or have decided they donโ€™t meet your needs we are also interested in hearing from you.


My SAA slides & speaker notes for "If a checksum falls [/fails] in a forest..." from the panel โ€œOpening the Black Box: Transparency and Conplexity in Digital Preservationโ€ are available here: sched.co/ESlh

@sabrams yup. And get the old folks in your family to start emailing a different address...

@sabrams I purposely slept through it so I know very little about what happened this morning. Sounds like you know more than me...

@sabrams I had Protonmail for a while (Dennis uses it) but I was never able to get myself fully transitioned over. But I found the u/x not objectionable, and like that you can get a VPN through Protonmail as well.

@landlibrarian Iโ€™d still love to see a method that can run locally and isnโ€™t reliant on machine learning/algorithmic biases/descriptive metadata...that possible method seems to be perceptual hashing. One day!

Woooooo today is the day I finally got access to APTrust. I probably shouldn't be excited because I guess that means more work for me?

Opened up the FRED all of 3 times this week, but finally have found the ideal zip tie situation to keep the cord for the imaging shelf from getting stuck ๐ŸŽ‰ digipres.club/media/Lt7elEo8-N

lol this email from SAA "Your presentation is in just three short weeks! Now that you've pulled together the content" nope, nope, haven't done that

@bitsgalore thanks a ton, you (and your blog post) really helped me! ddrescue worked on the first attempt with this disc

@bitsgalore thanks! So is ddrescue the first tool you attempt imaging cdroms and dvds with?

WWYD with an input/output error when disk imaging optical media using dcfldd? Use ddrescue?

@ashley thank you! I love these, esp the digital forensics, I think it makes what can be very intimidating much more approachable! Just what I need ๐Ÿ‘

@elenarchivist @amelish great idea! Thanks. The technical solutions and tools section is really useful for this

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