there's a lot of student-led activism on and off campus right now protesting the university administration's proposal for an armed police force ( - I think it's a tough thing to consider on any campus, and here is no exception with Baltimore's high gun violence rate, the police dept's widely known corruption, profiling, and brutality


I'm solely responsible for our web/digital archives activities (but not so much ~*collection development*~), and I have a strong sense this could be a really major series of events in the institution's history. I feel we should proactively document this time, but struggling with how do I act quickly and ethically and within the bounds of my position?

@elizabeengland we should talk! i certainly don't have all the answers, but i helped capture stuff on wisconsin's campus from the campaign

@sabrams yes! (our "to talk" list just keeps growing). I'd appreciate hearing more what strategies worked/didn't work & what you ended up deciding to capture.

@elizabeengland Aah! This is literally the subject of the Web Archiving Section's meeting at SAA this year. (Uh, rapid response, not this particular sitch). Join us!

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