My SAA slides & speaker notes for "If a checksum falls [/fails] in a forest..." from the panel β€œOpening the Black Box: Transparency and Conplexity in Digital Preservation” are available here:

Woooooo today is the day I finally got access to APTrust. I probably shouldn't be excited because I guess that means more work for me?

Opened up the FRED all of 3 times this week, but finally have found the ideal zip tie situation to keep the cord for the imaging shelf from getting stuck πŸŽ‰

lol this email from SAA "Your presentation is in just three short weeks! Now that you've pulled together the content" nope, nope, haven't done that

WWYD with an input/output error when disk imaging optical media using dcfldd? Use ddrescue?

advice: what would you assign someone as some good primer readings on digital preservation & digital forensics? This is for a current MLIS student who hasn't taken any courses in this area yet. cc @amelish

people who accession/image/otherwise manage internal hard drives: do you label directly on them with permanent marker, or do you put a sticker label on them? or something else?

apparently the file system on the disks was unreadable by FTK when imaging was attempted in 2015 😬

today is the day I call back from storage 174 5.25" floppy disks that were accessioned in 1994, discovered in a dark corner of the archives in 2013, and have eluded the past 2 digital archivists

I think there was a discussion on here a few weeks ago (@ron_houk @edsu maybe?) about the all-virtual anthropological conference happening...JHU hosted the website and provided technical support, so now a discussion is starting about how we're going to preserve & provide access to the conference environment (recorded video of the conference, website, twitter feed, etc.)

web archiving folks: do you/how do you document decisions such as collection scope rules? I'm struggling with the transparency/authority of such decisions, like: who decided to block this subdomain, when, and why? Where should that info live? cc @sabrams @amelish @landlibrarian @joe

recommended livestream today: "Is This Permanence: Preservation of Born-digital Artists’ Archives" at Yale Center for British Art:

I could read about file naming conventions forever: "What’s in a Name? On β€˜Meaningfulness’ and Best Practices in Filenaming within the LAM Community"

first day back at work post-CNI post-Joshua Tree/Palm Springs vacation & still not out of my email hole. AHHH it never ends. But I got a cute card from @sabrams in the snail mail πŸŽ‰

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