about to watch the Senate Confirmation Hearing for Dr. Shogan (AOTUS nominee) and rather anxious about how this might go given *gestures wildly*

Just submitted a proposal for a Wikidata identifier for the NARA file format preservation plans! (If anyone wants to add support to the discussion: wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Pro)

last night I found out the hard way that the credit limit on my work credit card was one (1) US dollar

After 1.5 years of work, the NDSA Staffing Survey Report is now out: ndsa.org//2022/08/31/now-avail

I'm really proud of the care the group put into the survey & report, and hope the results are useful!

My big work project for the past year, NARA's digital preservation file format preservation plans as linked data, is now available! archives.gov/preservation/digi

I was reading this on Programming Historian: "All URLs are URIs but not all URIs are URLs. A URI can describe anything at all, whereas URL describes the location of something on the web. So a URL tells you the location of a web page or a file or something similar." and think I feel a little better...? I hope? programminghistorian.org/en/le

covid things 

Picked my kid up from preschool early today due to 2 covid cases in his class announced today, and teacher a few days ago, and when I asked the director why the policy from 2 months ago (that this scenario would yield 10 days of mandatory masking for all) is no longer in effect and she told me they’re β€œdeep cleaning a lot”

🚩 when there's 5 simultaneous job postings in a library R&D unit, all of which describe the team as "fun"

help w/ magnetic tapes question! 

Are there actual differences in the properties of data tapes vs audio/video tapes? Or do I just need to find a way to massage this and say nothing is stable forever (and we migrate data tapes every 10 years or whatever)?

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help w/ magnetic tapes question! 

I've been asked to write a little magnetic data tapes section, explain what they are, and just cross-reference the specific handling guidance in the audio-video section. Ok. But, like, I'm stating that magnetic data tapes are frequently used for long-term storage, which seems to contradict saying that magnetic media is one of the "least stable" formats, so....?

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help w/ magnetic tapes question! 

I've been working w/ some colleagues on handling guidance. Others wrote the audio/video tapes handling guidance, which currently states: "Magnetic based audio-video media is one of the least stable formats found in archival holdings. In addition to deterioration of the media itself, the proper equipment must be available to playback the record. For these reasons, it is recommended that significant and frequently used tapes be copied or reformatted."

Have a COVID vaccine appointment scheduled for my 3 y.o. I can hardly believe it 😭

without exaggeration I've been trying to get these updates made to the NARA transfer guidance since July 2020 and FINALLY. I am going to frame this archives.gov/records-mgmt/memo

does anyone know how to use TopBraid Composer to transform a spreadsheet into RDF and is willing to give me an hour of their time 🀞🏻

status update from my day ever working on site in my 25 months of this job: turned the car around this morning to go back home for my work ID (which I had on me the whole time); no coffee; wore my dress backwards until 2 pm

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