Huh. I wonder how hard it would be to hack up a FireWire extension card for

That would be the perfect modern portable A/V kit machine, right there.


I guess Thunderbolt would be the other option, and they're far more likely to do it. I just don't love the string-together-Apple-dongles solution; it's kind of inelegant.

It'd probably work, though.

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@dsalo yeah, everything I've heard from folks doing DV transfer regularly is that the dongle-on-dongle-on-dongle approach still works even to get things into USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports; but it just sounds like a troubleshooting nightmare to me

if I knew *anything* about hardware hacking that would be super fun to try to take an old PCI FireWire expansion card and try to shrink the design down to this Framework, this is a cool project

@The_BFOOL yeah, and cost-effective too -- replacing laptop bits has gotta be cheaper over time than replacing whole laptops

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