@despens im surprised how badly it did. have you written about how this test works yet?

@despens Its pretty impressive how much variance this has in its rendering. would be fun to make a more interesting image that only displays "right" when rendered "wrong"

@liaizon I think you're describing how all PDFs actually work. 😉

@shusha Foxit is strong in compliance... I believe Google licensed it as the PDF renderer in Chrome?

@thatbrickster @despens Maybe pdf.js has different rendering depending on the browser…
@lanodan From this thread, Chromium uses PDFium (and gets it right) but no idea for KDE's thumbcreator.

@despens Same machine, Gnome Evince 3.34.2 which is probably basing this result on poppler 21.07.0 and cairo 1.16.0
@despens and X-plore uses Android itself for rendering PDF files

@despens @edsu First image is ‘page’ on Plan 9, which uses ghostscript 8.53 (!!) under the hood. Second is Preview.app on macOS 11.6.

So… what’s the correct rendering?

@despens no surprises from KDE's Okular...I'd expect most Linux readers to share the same engine?

nice party!

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