You can enjoy my amazing colleagues and myself presenting the new Rhizome ArtBase next Monday: -- if I survive the weekend of fixing the remaining issues 😉

This is a first step putting it all together: multiple versions per artwork, web archives, emulation, linked open data, SPARQL federation, post custodial infrastructure, etc. The legendary Annet Dekker of Networks of Care fame will be a respondent.

@despens love everything you are doing and don't want to dampen any excitement but "This program will be presented via Zoom" was sorta a bummer line to start reading that post with. At least rebroadcast onto jitsi or bbb?

@liaizon You'll be able to use youtube-dl on the recording that will be put somewhere one or two days after. 😉 I'm not a huge fan of zoom myself as you can imagine, there's just a limit on how much we can pull off with the resources we have.

@despens have you used Jitsi? Have been using it a lot lately with good results.

@liaizon I have used everything under the sun that transfers pixels from one computer to another.

@despens very much enjoyed the presentations, you all do such top notch work!

I just wanted to agree with what Annet Dekker said near the end, that this work takes museum curation to the next level.

Perhaps one way of thinking about how things could move forward is to articulate a strategy for who to allow to log in to

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