A proposal for an for

Additional notes and context from me here:

If you have GitHub please add your notes & comments. If not, reply on Twitter or Mastodon with permission to translate to the discussion.

@beet_keeper @anj - I am curious what hosting/software options you are considering? And just in case they are useful, though you may already have these: - or one of the relevant SSHOC Deliverables:

@JoePadfield @anj hi Joe. Your contribution to the GitHub proposal as well as thoroughly reading the background and what exists would be truly appreciated. Reading your report it seems to highlight important challenges that the initiative may be able to learn from and principles that look easy enough to adopt. But perhaps once you've looked at the initiative you can find a way to frame an approach based on what's there?

I'll as one option to my text on there, supporting LOD.

@beet_keeper @anj Sorry just moved to a different Mastodon server :-) Things are a bit pressed at the moment but I will try to have a look.

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