I've been a pretty loyal PocketCasts user for years, but they don't explicitly support private RSS feeds (e.g. from Patreon) and it's been tripping up and not showing episodes from those feeds more and more of late.

Anyone have a favorite Android podcatcher alternative? The things I have liked most about PocketCasts:
- ability to download and add an episode to listening queue in one swipe
- plays nice with Bluetooth connection in the car
- sleep timer, obvi

I do not care about discover of new podcasts in-app, and if your "Add to queue/default playlist" feature adds the selected podcast to the start of the queue rather than the end, don't ever speak to me again (looking at you, Stitcher)

@The_BFOOL wow I didn't even think to recommend this because I think I was using it back when I was on android in 2013!

@axfelix it's still around and seems good! dev + community still very active


@The_BFOOL I remember back then it was one of the only android apps I used that seemed to have like, a well-maintained github page, rather than some lunatic on xda-developers posting a series of test builds that were two platform-wide UX revisions behind

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