I'm an #AppleII hacker best known for cracking thousands of disks: https://archive.org/details/apple_ii_library_4am?sort=-date

Passport cracks a lot of disks automatically: https://github.com/a2-4am/passport

I also preserve still-protected disks: https://archive.org/details/wozaday?&sort=-date

Anti-M boots a lot of protected disks: https://github.com/a2-4am/anti-m

Pitch Dark, an Infocom text adventure pack: https://github.com/a2-4am/pitch-dark

Total Replay, an arcade pack: https://github.com/a2-4am/4cade

Million Perfect Letters, a shifty word game:

noticing more and more open source apps actually giving up on gatekeeper signing at this point and can’t blame them

Timon and Pumbaa are like, what if Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dad?

does anyone have any documentation of how well the SGI Indy’s Windows/Mac desktop software emulation worked

extremely boring post but I have to shout out macrium reflect for being the only polished and free windows software I have used in like 20 years that can reliably image Linux partitions and even clone the current running system without having to unmount it. feels the choice was always between some trialware that didn't work or having to boot gparted from a USB, and I am very grateful for this working software, since you still can't really use dd under WSL

makeup, video games 

my eye was drawn to the discount code first and I thought sephora was running some kind of cross-promotion with a first-person shooter franchise. alas no

Jimmy Wales threatening to edit the page on “Wikipedia” to exclusively use the verb “was” if you don’t donate

I have basically never understood how macOS swappiness works, but I think it’s very funny how every time my macbook gets below ~20GB of free disk, Mastonaut, and only Mastonaut, auto-closes. thanks for looking out for me I guess!

I really love obsessing over the cultural niches of programming languages — like how ruby was originally japanese and has this idiosyncratic syntax and is popular in Mac CLI tooling and 2000s webdev and is overall very ~precious~, and python is… easy & opinionated.

when Martin is still living at the priory unaware of his lineage that’s a deviated Septim

a happy day for a devops writer is: you think of a fun + popular topic and when you google it, all of the existing tutorials are like SEO grabs and forum posts telling people to do godawful stuff like compile nginx from scratch. open field baby

I always forget how incredibly badly modern macOS deals with low storage. it feels like it dynamically releases swap as you fill up the last ~25GB of the disk to the point where it just crashes outright?

verbally accepted a non-library job offer today :) :) :)

have done very little sysadminning for a few months and I just absolutely butchered a server by trying to bring up a bunch of docker containers without realizing there was no swap enabled, currently pleading with it for forgiveness

what's the oldest dumbest piece of technology you haven't brought yourself to throw out? mine is a molex fan

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