@andrewjbtw no but it looks like I am heading back up in a couple weeks now that they’re imposing a hotel quarantine…

I love AliExpress. I don't even have to buy anything, there's endless amusement in just seeing what it recommends to me.

Like a car lift for my driveway, only $9000 plus $6000 shipping, or for the gentleman on a budget how about a hookah hose attachment for a PS5 contoller?

trying to think of an "i p daily" bit except for "i p tables" and hitting a real wall here

exciting fediverse call for participation (aka Recurse Center day 7, aka I think I have covid and it’s affecting my judgment): I need more farts for my new project, Fart Map! usa.whosyourdad.de/

I’m going to be shipping on iOS this week and right now I only have 7 farts! hoping to get up to a fart for all 50 states!

if interested I will mail you a microphone and potato salad

noooo they’re getting rid of the solaris box I have tilde space on

Today in digital archaeology: I wanted a PDF calendar generator and found one from 2009 that seemed nice, but the website had long ago disappeared. Luckily the internet archive had crawled it, and since the code was GPL'ed, I was able to update it to build on a modern system and produce page-a-day agendas for my e-ink tablet. github.com/osresearch/DynamicT

someone in zulip just tested this already and got a recommendation they liked and sent me a screenshot entitled "putz_in_action.jpg" 😭

recurse center day 1: me reading the name of the python timezone library (pypi.org/project/pytz/) too many times in the past few years has birthed a beautiful dick joke: github.com/axfelix/putz

(I've never actually pushed a library to pypi from scratch before and their serendipitous discovery isn't too good so this is actually useful I swear)

accidentally named a license file COPING instead of COPYING and didn't notice until checking it in

5 hours ago: I dunno I guess I’ll get a little work done today

since then: ok it looks like react isn’t meant to talk to django in this stack without running an nginx layer for some reason which means it’s not worth trying to stand up on docker so I guess I’ll use a vm but I’ll do that on my mac instead, oh, virtualbox needs an upgrade in big sur, oh, the upgrade doesn’t actually work, guess I’ll learn more qemu syntax, oh, it wants to build qemu, oh, it wants to build gcc to build qemu, oh,,,

I have spent about 2 hours a day this week trying to get a very exciting abandoned project I talked someone into letting me work on... to actually build. 2 hours a day is about right in order to not get frustrated on vacation, but I'm afraid I'm only like 50% of the way there at this point at best and I was hoping to have the ugly part of this done before next week...

is anyone on 20.04 yet? I have a bunch of xenial servers I’m gonna have to migrate before I forget and I don’t really want to go to 18.04 for just 2 years if I can help it

a yuletide Bonjour Ho to all Montrealers and Montrealers at heart

I'm handing off a number of responsibilities maybe permanently after my sabbatical and because I enjoy harming my own reputation I've been logging into a bunch of work servers and ensuring that the last dozen or so commands in root's bash history are increasingly harried-seeming and incoherent variants of "corn tab" as a sort of welcome note to whoever finds them

another thing that maybe sucks is how I feel like I spent years vaguely worrying that I was too mannered and organized compared to folks who feel a little more free to create and aren’t as constrained by being on top of shit, and this year I have (intentionally and not) managed to move the needle in the other direction and idk if I like it

something that sucks, and which I feel like I've only partly been able to resolve in my life so far, is how in many domains the technology is often inversely interesting to the culture, and as someone who understands technology I've always felt like I should contribute to that side of the house, but then when the technological leadership inevitably breaks down I always find myself going "wait shit not again why didn't I try to choose based on culture"

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