I have now read a few months' back of digipres.club toots to make myself feel better about dragging my feet on joining for so long!! (sorry to anyone who instinctively feels weird about having their old thoughts reread)

rona has seriously helped me get my thoughts in order in terms of how much more energy I want to be putting into different parts of my life, it's been tiring but I think I'd be in a worse place otherwise. I miss my dog and I'm very excited about my sabbatical.

just finished a part of this FFT script where I was ripping off balzac and moving on to a part where I’m ripping off barry lyndon

@axfelix I had to put a pair of shorts on top of that open drawer I'm using as a keyboard stand for the photo because it turns out to be mostly full of gamecube controllers and underwear, which reminds me that it's a good thing I have all this sanitizer now from rona if you ever need to use one of my gamecube controllers

@axfelix I have to say, that I know a guy here who I can pay to see what's going on with the PRAM in that g3 without me having to spend a Saturday on it is a solid argument for not moving away from Vancouver just yet

been thinking totally absentmindedly lately about starting a consultancy because I'm not sure I want to be tied to universities here forever or do fulltime dev, but I know there isn't actually enough money in the digipres or emulation work I enjoy doing off the side of my desk outside of universities anyway, plus my wife already consults and it's exhausting, so... here's a photo of my classic Mac imaging closet, happy Friday

I am getting so bored and frustrated with the scope of my pandemic life that I’m finding myself like, reverting to unemployment mindset of trying to do a million things outside the scope of my actual job just to have an excuse to talk about them, this is a very dumb way of burning myself out

cw: news footage from 2001 

been thinking lately about how I think I'd get more out of various aspects of my life if I liked programming about 50% more than I do. I've spent most of my career chafing against this reluctance, even as I pick up more and more hobby projects. not too sure what my endgame is here.

I’m seriously considering 3D printing an ITX case because of how expensive the Dan A4 etc. have become but I’m not sure which merit badge I’m supposed to give myself for this

vainly bought a hey.com address only to forward it to the account I actually use just in case I need the street cred of giving out garnett@hey.com someday. functionally I spent $99 on a cool new jacket

today's brain garbage: "Romeo had Joliet," a Lou Reed song about cdrom filesystems

(while literally dusting off a motherboard from 1998) "I just want to do more work that matters"

I've only been on here a week and I'm surprised every day that it isn't wall to wall fart jokes from having to smash that toot button


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