taught one of our tiny BC-based vendors to used RAWcooked this week, which on the one hand, sort of begs the question of why they're the vendor (answer: we didn't want to bring physical scanning in-house, and we didn't want them to give us a billion DPX files if we could help it), but on the other will benefit a bunch of small archives around here in the future since this is pretty much the whole market.

sorta wish this work was more notable than "rainy island modernizes" but I'll take it

The first image received from Mars: an interplanetary color by numbers (JPL, 1965) directedplay.com/first-tv-imag

I finally figured out why I'm going out of my mind ready to leave the Pacific Northwest:

Frasier and the X-Files both lasted 11 seasons; it's time.

sometimes I feel like I can't justify why exactly I'm in the public sector and then I read a sentence like "it's important to curate your emotes like they're your business card" and my brain briefly melts down

had to upgrade to python 3.9 to avoid it trying to compile an arm64 library that I don鈥檛 have headers for on here, pleased to learn that apple鈥檚 aggressive deprecation of anything that hasn鈥檛 been compiled in the last five minutes now extends to python libs

Intel today announced they鈥檙e adding an always-on Stories feature to Intel Mangement Engine

anyone on big sur want to see if they can install cffi via pip? Because I can't and the issue tracker doesn't seem to be public, wondering if I should try using gcc instead of clang but haven't had to do that in years

Thinking about how hamlet never got to grow up, never got to be a ham

shout out to everybody else who is incredibly confidently incompetent. we make everybody else feel better by comparison.

have spent a decent chunk of the past year going 鈥渨ell, I guess I wasn鈥檛 *really* depressed last week鈥

v obscure mac ffmpeg q that isn鈥檛 too important: does anyone know whether the videotoolbox hwdec/hwenc APIs on newer Macs can expose the fixed-function hardware from the Intel CPU in addition to the T2, or does it just use the latter and totally ignore the former? I鈥檝e spent too much time writing scripts that can do concurrent Intel decode + Nvidia encode on windows and just realized I might be able to do likewise here

not the most important thing going on at the moment but I would think apple has a super-vested interest in the gatekeeper servers not crashing seeing as it prevents all non-app store apps from launching on all supported macs until the connection times out, which is pretty yikes

why do I always forget this brilliant conference planning decision to make all of the novel technical content fit into 2 minute lightning talks so I'm annoyed by it every year

though I'm kind of curious what amount of shame(?) I'd be risking by not changing these kernel bugzilla logins

as if I haven't spent enough of this year feeling like I'm revisiting every choice I made or interest I had in the past decade... decided to spend today finally migrating a whole bunch of reused passwords that finally got picked up in a breach. utterly utterly tedious stuff but basically no way to avoid it opsec wise, hooray

kind of surprised that there doesn鈥檛 seem to be a good docker webapp solution for self-hosting the archives of a podcast that you are no longer actively working on and don鈥檛 want to pay the hosting fee for indefinitely. I guess it wouldn鈥檛 be very discoverable without the RSS going directly to apple/spotify but it still seems like an obvious niche...

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