verbally accepted a non-library job offer today :) :) :)

have done very little sysadminning for a few months and I just absolutely butchered a server by trying to bring up a bunch of docker containers without realizing there was no swap enabled, currently pleading with it for forgiveness

what's the oldest dumbest piece of technology you haven't brought yourself to throw out? mine is a molex fan

Looks useful, especially for reading technical PDF documents (where you need to do a long of referencing and jumping around). On HN, the developer promises MacOS and Linux versions soon.

"Sioyek is a PDF viewer designed for reading research papers and technical books "

Via Hacker News [ ]. For Windows at the moment.

#Software #Documents #Research #PDF #Reading

having a "fixing stuff that is invisible to everyone but me" day. fixed a loose mirror on my motorcycle, fixed the loose hinge on our gross ancient tiny 2nd bathroom shower door, fixed some fan noise on my aging desktop, fixed my stomach with 2 Costco hotdogs. considering that this is supposed to be like, the least alienating form of labour, I gotta say it mostly makes me fussy and worn out, but on the plus side my stuff is fixed

@axfelix I think the lifespan for all this stuff has basically been reasonable, I've never hung on to a single build this long in my life, just amused by how much of it actually got "used up" due to circumstances of the hardware market

parts of my main non-mac computer are almost 10 years old (because CPUs were so good then I haven't actually needed to replace the main board/memory/etc.) and I'm surprised how much of it I've actually worn out- the PSU, the CPU fan, and SSD have all needed replacing after 6-9yrs

on the one hand, I just confirmed that the cable box we got for free doesn't like being bridged through a raspberry pi's wifi. otoh, I also confirmed that the RCA cable that I made with a BNC cable and a *hammer* works great

btrfs is helpfully deduping files for me and it's making me anxious

had a mini revelation today that I can use the two of my raspberry pis that aren't currently connected over Ethernet as wireless AP for my cable box and iMac G3 respectively, since they both have one Ethernet port they can bridge the wifi connection onto, and I was previously using a whole ass old router flashed onto openwrt for each of those use cases

I honestly just think this is so cool. feels like a cherry on top of the work microsoft has been doing in recent years

my older cat just pretended to love my younger cat -- she made a big show of nuzzling him then stared at me -- to try and get me to give her dinner earlier. not posting this to twitter b/c my friend had to put her cat down today, but wow, I'm impressed with that level of savvy

u ever want to make an awful shitpost but turns out the french already did a film about it

how many devices in your own home can/do you ssh into? I’m at 5

In my ongoing quest for simple React setups, this article is mind blowingly good:

It explains how to set up a react app with just HTML and JS files, no webpack or browserify or anything. It is fully a toy implementation BUT it helped me understand a lot of the "magic" underlying React in a way that I never had before. It even shows how to write JSX embedded in the HTML file (by including Babel in a script tag).

@darius I need to revoke my un-recommendation of kiwami 2, it's actually great after the first couple hours! the main questline is a slog but it gets out of your way very soon after

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