bit concerned lately that I make too many decisions based on exclusion -- idk if it's just the (otherwise objectively good) circumstances I've created where I'm constantly navigating through these extremely tiny possibility spaces of "won't do that, definitely don't want to do that," and the logic seems overtuned when I'm trying to make big decisions

current mood: seeing a job posting asking if I want to work with [a bunch of technologies I generally like, actually] and thinking "no, not really!"

between reading blaseball press releases and playing caves of qud every so often it struck me that there’s a particular subgenre of pitched, hyper-imaginative-but-ultimately-contentless DM-speak that’s really having a moment lately, and while a lot of it actually *sounds* like it was generated by GPT-3 (and that’s probably its defining aesthetic quality), the best of it is all hand-authored. @aparrish curious if you have any thoughts on this

anyone have prep tips for an RC interview, or should I not stress too much?

I am applying to some residencies and pitching some longer-form stuff for my sabbatical next year which has mostly been very thrilling and I have a reasonably high opinion of my own preparedness for these (both on paper and otherwise) which I take some pride in, but reviewing the work of a lot of would-be contemporaries is bringing me back into contact with one of my favourite anxieties: "Oh! You Had a Stable Childhood and/or Your Parents Were Artists!"

I feel like there have already been several phases of this year during which, had things begun to settle, I'd have directed years of effort in a totally different direction from whatever the needle does wind up landing on

thinking about how much I want to move back to the east coast and whether I’ll have to change careers to do it and watching HUSBANDS to sublimate this while making my wife extremely, extremely stressed out

tfw your delicate series of compromises start to become less viable and it makes you feel naive for trying to string together the compromises in the first place

this word frequency python package is handy and convenient: includes a nice little word tokenizer and supports a bunch of languages

thinking about moving but so far the main criteria I’ve come up with is “pedestrian-friendly arby’s”

all the Intel GPU coverage lately strikes me as such bizarre corporate fluffing -- they have no ability to execute on this stuff lately and it's not at all clear why anyone would want to buy one of these that can't run tensorflow, etc

always feel when I can be running ffmpeg with my iGPU decoding at the same time as my nvidia GPU is encoding, then I realized I could achieve the same zen by just watching a twitch stream at the same time as sports

of course “somewhere else” more than likely means the US, and the future of university bureaucracy there is absolutely dismal, so it’s heavily heavily caveated, and no one is going to be immediately inspired by seeing me of all people in a position of greater responsibility/power, so this thought process could prove very useless

@axfelix my old supervisor was trying to get me onto this track, and I was pretty resistant for a number of reasons (I didn't feel like I'd pushed my technical chops far enough, I don't like to put too much stock by old men finding me agreeable, and I couldn't see it being rewarding if I stayed here) but now that he's retired I'm starting to miss that ambition. the opportunity honestly may not exist, but right now even considering wanting it is refreshing

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