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I've been on a real writing spree this week, but writing isn't what I'm supposed to be doing! If only I could align my motivation with what I should be working on 🙃

first blog post of 2022 about how I'm accidentally in the middle of publishing an (illustrated) book WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

if you start listening to a podcast's backlog, do you start at the beginning or from the most recent, moving backwards?

I think I'm pretty good at time management but then I'll always bring three full books with me when I take a bath, thinking I'll somehow get through all of them in ~45 minutes

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please click on the gramophone at the bottom of and appreciate what a glorious loser i am

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Glowing clothes from 1965, made with phosphorescent rosary beads, by Roberto Capucci.

"It has to do with Capucci's vision of the woman of the future: 'I saw her entering a dark nightclub like a lunar apparition.'" - LIFE, October 1965


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"Art and TV are no longer two different things. They're equally tedious. The geometry of the one's devitalized the other (find out what kind of bad habits you have); TV's vibrating field's shaken our arts to pieces. No use to pick them up. Get with it: Someday artists will work with capacitors, resistors & semi-conductors as they work today with brushes, violins and junk"

John Cage, somewhen between 1963 and 1967

#art #videoart #tv #video

If you f with the pomodoro technique, how many poms do you consider to be "a full day of work"?

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While I was away sleeping through a burnout storm, I left my digipres consulting job, started a new tech job, accidentally started writing (drawing?) a book, started building an aura-reader for two, started running and stopped running, started yoga and stopped yoga, switched from an iphone to a pixel, read books

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OK I left "social media" for a while because I wasn't handling it well, but I'm happy to see another wave of users jump into the fedi today

I have done a very good job at only looking at a computer for work

Translations are coming to the A/V Artifact Atlas! Here's a quick write-up of how I made space in the Jekyll-based site

that’s my life update now that I don’t have work things to complain about (yet)

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My snake plant and kinda-snake-plant plant have both recently sprouted babies

It’s been really nice to have a dedicated work computer where I’m abstaining from logging into anything personal, it’s given me a nice break from social websites

Looking at a list of Slack users late at night and noticing that everyone is asleep except the bots 🤖

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