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ICYMI A New Session, a telnet-based zine, is out now!


More info here:

!!con is the best programming conference and streaming all week:

Surprise! New Internet girlfriend club just dropped ... Volume 10!!! 🪰 Featuring newsgroups, altered states, RuneScape, lots of emails and strong opinions!

Like previous years, I'm updating this repo with how I'm spending my time during Recurse Center's Never Graduate Week, if you're interested in following along! I'm very intentionallly unambitious here, but hope to get through some interesting resources (while still having a restful time):

I don't have seasonal allergies (yet), but every Spring my throat gets a lil scratchier for a lil longer... 😶

Do children like Star Wars, or do Dads like Star Wars and children aren't old enough to have cultivated their own tastes yet?

I'm pretty sure it will soon be time for me to buy a personal computer and I'm assuming it'll be a Dell XPS 13" with pre-installed Ubuntu, but wondering if I should consider something else (including MacBook Air)?

My neighbors have a 1 year old and also just moved out, and we never heard a single sound — bless these brick walls

I would say "eventbrite, you have one job" but I guess eventbrite's job is to collect my data, not connect me to events in my area (the internet)

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This is the second time I've registered for an event using eventbrite and then it doesn't send me any details on how to actually attend the online event

I've been a full-fledged programmer (albeit on-and-off, professionally) for 7 years and I still feel like I'm tricked by the myth of "complete, coded solutions magically just happen" rather than, like writing/everything, it still takes time, no matter how advanced one is

Feeling very blown away by the amazing set of talks at this year's !!Con !! Can't wait to watch 'em all!

just finding new ways to experience living through a pandemic and move my stress-energy around, I guess!

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had this hyperfocus feeling when I was working on media-collection-viewer where I only wanted to work on it and nothing else, and now instead of learning my lesson, I have immediately started up a new small project that I feel night-and-day obsessed and stressed over for no reason 🙃

spraying a bunch of sage cleansing mist while firing up a node app

@despens gotta know your beauty regiment and how to get a healthy glow -- niacinamide? hyaluronic acid? vitamin c? what is the tech stack

Enjoying the typo in this RFP: "The UI should allow the end users to run date searches, understanding days, months, years and rages."

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