@platypus yeah usually she makes a request, sniffs it out, and then changes her mind

if you are a brand please @ me so that I can block you

greyhound bus depot, vertical view, columbia, south carolina, 1979

I take this back, there's nothing wrong with my brain because work sucks and I'm just reacting normally, which unfortunately for me means hiking my shoulders up to my ears constantly

I can build up muscle and core strength, take breaks and do stretches, but I can't fix broken brain psychosomatic issues of work making me hella STRESSED!

sucks that my shoulder/neck pain intensely flare up only during the hours of monday-friday 9-5

Why do people use the stupid-ass "don't you think people can change?" argument with me for people that have shown zero signs of change or remorse, and continue to be horrible monsters on a regular basis?

@petrichor @platypus @axfelix @andrewjbtw I was corrected for mis-citing something that I wrote in 2020 because I had written (Blewer, 2019)

someone did something so hypocritical and rude yesterday and I am still just so mad that I can't even read sentences. even though it's such a relatively small thing, it has triggered and released a tidal wave

I miss the time when computers had pop out coffee holders. :D

today I am actually grateful to have meetings almost all day, but now I don't have any more and am afraid of my willpower vs the new cycle!

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