spraying a bunch of sage cleansing mist while firing up a node app

@despens gotta know your beauty regiment and how to get a healthy glow -- niacinamide? hyaluronic acid? vitamin c? what is the tech stack

Enjoying the typo in this RFP: "The UI should allow the end users to run date searches, understanding days, months, years and rages."

Here's my i ching reading for today, the changing lines is very brooding, but outlook seems all-around positive bits.ashleyblewer.com/i-ching/

@rusty and I looove Holly Herndon but the track they picked here really fucked me up when it came on, hahaha! AHHHH!!!

I have a lot of important things to juggle this week 💆‍♀️💆‍♀️💆‍♀️ trying to stay chill about it

Vaxxed and feeling fine 🥸😎🦾

life, job (~/+) 

and when I got home, I got an email letting me sign up to get my first vax tomorrow!!

Going to my LAST DAY of PHYSICAL THERAPY today!!!! Not 100% but I am significantly better!

This meeting is optional and it is also on Teams so I will be not attending, thank you

@Cyborgneticz no but here’s a mysterious dollhouse I saw today at a coffee shop — and that timeline is totally normal!!!

So PSYCHED to see the NYTimes Tech Workers announce their unionization effort~!!!!!!!!! nytimesguild.org/

this took some soul-searching but I do like writing code

Attempting burnout reduction by slowly reading through Lib Computer / Dream Machine

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