I have done a very good job at only looking at a computer for work

Translations are coming to the A/V Artifact Atlas! Here's a quick write-up of how I made space in the Jekyll-based site bits.ashleyblewer.com/blog/202

that’s my life update now that I don’t have work things to complain about (yet)

It’s been really nice to have a dedicated work computer where I’m abstaining from logging into anything personal, it’s given me a nice break from social websites

@Greg @VickyRampin there’s like a whole book on it! But you don’t need the book, that’s basically it

@VickyRampin no but during times of stress, I’d do “morning pages” which is writing anything for 3 pages before anything else in the day, but you aren’t supposed to re-read, so it serves a different purpose entirely I think?

Looking at a list of Slack users late at night and noticing that everyone is asleep except the bots 🤖

@sunstone yes! I keep thinking how much I never ever want to work in an office again, and this makes it worse!

If you have a standing desk, do you.... dance all day?

"prosus buying stackoverflow" boyfriend, "etsy buying depop" girlfriend

@joshuatj @misty I think digipres.club's cache is full again! I promise to deliver more cat pix

@jamesvasile sadly it looks like the treadmill will end up in the basement but maybe I'll find a way

@axfelix the opposite of gamer chairs that look like baby carseats

@paul just gettin'... *puff puff* a few .... *puff puff* steps in!

thinking of buying a treadmill and becoming _that guy_ in meetings

way behind on this but currently reading: "Why Video Chat is a Hard Technical Problem" dev.to/lazerwalker/why-video-c

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