The book is real ☺️☺️☺️ / website coming as soon as I sort the corporate firewall issue

Update on the "weed" that started growing in the abandoned lot behind mine, taken from the 3rd story

Sorry I realize it's foolish of me to say DNS is fine. DNS "seems" fine. 😜

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@craigmaloney Oooh interesting, maybe! It's a pretty basic static site hosted on GitHub pages with a custom domain, which I've done half a dozen times, so not sure what would make this one different, ya know?

I don't have a lot of info now but that's the only thing I can think of, because the Google site transparency status saying it doesn't have enough data yet to assert if it's safe or unsafe (I've never had this problem before though! The site isn't even that new!)

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I made a new website and apparently it doesn't load for people when they are at their day job (and that's not a feature). DNS is fine, nothing I haven't done before. Has anyone else dealt with a site that was firewall-blocked for being, like, "too new"?

my jeans look like I've been working on the farm all morning but it's actually just panda puff dust

my theory unrelated to testing this is that I used to hold stress in my stomach but now i hold it in my shoulders (hence dealing with chronic pain that is primarily mental/stress-induced for the past two years) and it's caused me to really think about how bodies work in a different way

but yeah wtf?

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like, who am I, what are bodies, was I lying this whole time? to myself? to everyone? but I truly would get sick every time? what's going on??

I keep yelling "what the fuck, though? am I going to just be normal again?"

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I haven't been able to eat a certain type of food for the past decade and I decided to test it out and nothing bad has happened yet? And it's been a real existential crisis!

I think my book is... done? fingers crossed, just sent off for my second print proof

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I finally got around to giving my aura reader an update! Now you can read auras with a friend!

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@ashley TFW something is nice to eat right up until it eats you back. :flan_tongue:

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