The book is real ☺️☺️☺️ / website coming as soon as I sort the corporate firewall issue

Update on the "weed" that started growing in the abandoned lot behind mine, taken from the 3rd story

I finally got around to giving my aura reader an update! Now you can read auras with a friend!

This sweet baby is coming home with us as soon as they hit 3lbs 😭😭😭💙

While I was away sleeping through a burnout storm, I left my digipres consulting job, started a new tech job, accidentally started writing (drawing?) a book, started building an aura-reader for two, started running and stopped running, started yoga and stopped yoga, switched from an iphone to a pixel, read books

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My snake plant and kinda-snake-plant plant have both recently sprouted babies

Kicking off my break between jobs by starting Data & Reality, let’s see how this goes~

my weekend proof-of-concept: upload mediainfo.json about your mysterious a/v collections, and get some charts to help you understand what you're working with!


sorry I can't say something like that and not back it up. fwiw my ass was padded before casting and it was a wedding present

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Just wanted to let you know bucket hats are back in a big way

Aura-reader says: confidence and self-esteem, out the fucking door. Challenging times, get ready for them.

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