The UNIX Pipe Card Game -- umm, this is the cutest?? I think I'd definitely incorporate this into learning if I were still teaching digipres students

@adr @ashley But you don't need to start a pipe with "cat onefile.txt" to pipe a single file into a command 😠

It's just a waste of a process.

@djfiander @adr @ashley note that the youngest player is allowed to set the win conditions, and options include, using the MOST commands to get it done

@ashley I just followed an entirely different account and saw this and didn't realized you tooted it!! Incredible find!

@benserviss mastodon makes the world feel big which I like, hi hi hi good to see you!

@ashley Woha! Those are awesome!! Thanks for sharing. Too bad the printed versions are sold out.

@ashley these are amazing! Hope they reprint if they’re out of stock.

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