OK OK OK my book The Illustrated Guide to Video Formats and associated website with illustrations+data are both out now!!!

baby came one month early because I pressed a button that I shouldn't have pressed 🙃

and if your firewall blocks this website I just don't even know what to tell you!

Thank you so much, everyone who has supported this book effort!!! 😭

Rough $ updates:
- paid back for reviewers (50x4)
- 2/3rd of the way for funding translation!

If you paid >min on ko-fi, I'm reserving that $ for giveaway copies (those still ship ~Aug 1)


Got some stickers to ship with my ko-fi orders yay!! But I had more orders than I thought so it'll have to just be the first 40 🤯

If you made a ko-fi order before 10pm 14 July, my partner and I packed your order tonight! 😍😍😍 There's 18 more BOGO books left!

@elizabeengland your order was right after the cutoff point (aka when I ran out of sleeves) 🥹🥹🥹

I thought I would sell maybe 20-30 books directly via ko-fi but I've sold EIGHTY-NINE! And since I capped orders at 90, that means there's only one left!

can't wait to get the second bulk bundle in so I can ship them all out, I'm sitting next to 30 I have to lug to the post office tomorrow~

@ashley I also definitely used the wrong email on ko-fi so it will be a complete surprise when it shows up in the mail, haha.

@Famicoman oh I have the same hack the planet pager as in your header image!

@ashley Cool! Did you get yours from hackerscurator? I ended up making my own a few years back and it was a lot of fun.

@Famicoman yeah! Oh that's dope, I went the lazy way. Is yours functional?!

@ashley It still turns on, but I'd have to un-mod the screen window to see the display (which only takes a few minutes). I've been meaning to look into whether it is POCSAG because that would be pretty easy to run my own small pager site off a Raspberry Pi. I did a write-up here if you want to know more about what I did for the cosmetic modification,

@ashley YAYYYYY I'm so happy and also THOSE ILLUSTRATIONS!!!!!!!

@ashley 😭 oh man. It’s ok but very much looking forward to it!!

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