thinking of buying a treadmill and becoming _that guy_ in meetings

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@ashley my wife just got a mini elliptical that you can use either standing or sitting, seems pretty luxe

@axfelix the opposite of gamer chairs that look like baby carseats

@VickyRampin she loves it, and normally she genuinely resents exercise

@ashley set it to a *just* fast enough speed so you are always slightly out of breath when you talk.

@paul just gettin'... *puff puff* a few .... *puff puff* steps in!

@ashley I didn't even realize that was a type of guy (there is one on my team)

@ashley Be prepared to start every meeting answering the question "are you on a treadmill?" multiple times. Every new person who joins the video chat will ask it anew.

@jamesvasile sadly it looks like the treadmill will end up in the basement but maybe I'll find a way

@ashley I am not. I am instead the person who asks about the treadmill too often.

I have dreamed of a treadmill desk, but having been on video calls with treadmillers, I'm convinced that for me it isn't worth the distraction it causes. I don't mind when others do it though.

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