I think there might be a use case where I will want to use Windows, but every time I load it up I feel so grossed out! It's full of ads?? Do I dual boot or wipe clean?

@ashley I am insanely allergic to ads (I have a pihole, run ubo on everything else, the whole nine yards) and I still find the utility of current windows 10 + WSL2 to be more than every other current platform. I will say that after cleaning up everything it ships with, they don't really come back.

@ashley also, I haven't dual booted in ages, but when I did, this was the only app for configuring the windows bootloader that ever felt like it knew how linux works and wouldn't fuck it up if you breathed on it funny:

similarly this is the only ssh server I've found that runs natively on windows that will give you an msys bash shell when connecting and bypass the whole cmd/powershell ecosystem:

@axfelix @ashley basically I'm pretty iffy on dual booting but I'm equally iffy on baremetal Linux lately so idk what I'd tell you. if you're committed to running Linux I think maybe I would actually lean toward wiping it

@axfelix I sorted out the annoying stuff so I guess I'm sticking with dual boot for now!!! I guess there's a rare chance I'll need to do some hardware/software-specific testing for digitization software

@ashley @axfelix I maintain a dual boot laptop, but mainly because in my previous job I never traveled with the garbage work-issued laptop and occasionally I needed the compatibility for office docs where libreoffice didn't quite render the same. But I have found some streaming services (like Criterion) will still object if you run them on Windows in a VM on Linux.

@andrewjbtw @axfelix I've heard those exact use cases from another friend too! I've been only on Linux for 3 years and haven't needed anything else, which is promising

@ashley @andrewjbtw @axfelix I've kept the dual-boot going on my work laptop for a long time b/c there were internal network mounts I had issues connecting to and that was basically the only way to ensure ITS would help me

thanks to pandemic WFH tho I got a remote Windows desktop to log in to and with Office365, office doc rendering isn't really a prob anymore, so there's no real reason to have it, except specifically for weird yak-shaving experiments like "vrecord on Windows" on the side...

@ashley I run Windows in a VirtualBox VM. If you decide to ditch it and end up needing it for something, there is always that option

@hyperlinkyourheart yeah I don't anticipate needing it for anything that would insist on being "close to the metal" (like gaming? is that still a thing? )!

@ashley I think it is still a thing for some people, but there's enough games that run Linux native or run well in Wine for my needs...

@ashley Last time I was in this situation, I just kept it as a dual boot until I realized, how rarely I actually boot Windows (indicated by the amount of updates I had to do, when I did). That made it easier to actually ditch the Windows install for good.

@ashley Oh my god the same, anytime I'd start it up (every ~3-6 months) it'd spend half a day installing updates.

I have mostly be using my desktop for Windows stuff, and I kept it, what I do is not use bootloaders but boot straight from the UEFI. It takes a bit of meddling but then you can just boot to linux by default or hit F11 or whatever on boot to select the windows partition.

@ashley (oh and also I've been spending a bunch of time on ZFS because of my new NAS build, and I'm not going to be a big FreeBSD fanboy but god I love ZFS more and more by the day 💖)

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