my weekend proof-of-concept: upload mediainfo.json about your mysterious a/v collections, and get some charts to help you understand what you're working with!


The code is absolutely a "you really live like this?" mess, but I'll refactor when I have time next weekend, now that I know this is possible. Rust - is - fast!!! I tested with a 12MB JSON that describes around 20k files and it didn't break a sweat and barely skipped a damn beat!

@platypus this feels like a librarian top-level skillset, coming up with cute names, but I think the pandemic has run us all dry (based on some proposed names I've seen lately)

@platypus wait no that doesn't even line up... no idea

@ashley MediaPie? I dunno, I'm running on empty lately too

@The_BFOOL hopefully I will learn some math next weekend and move beyond the pies!

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