Hey fedi, the Recurse Center is offering up to $1000 to trans/non-binary/women programmers for upcoming batches. RC changed my life and is just an amazing experience/community -- see here for more:

@ashley Yep! I have my coding interview next week :)

@ashley @RC I have no idea if this is something you would have any interest in, but it has the same name as you

@apocheir @ashley thanks for the heads up! looks like it would conflict with my school schedule though!

@RC @apocheir if it helps, they usually run the scholarships year-round (it used to be more $ when the program was in-person), I just think they aren't making promises farther out due to pandemic-budget uncertainty!

@ashley @apocheir Thanks! I'll keep them in mind it may be super useful for some of my post data science work.

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