I've been working on a project using Rust and I keep having dreams/nightmares where the compiler is personified and following me around, giving me advice about my life

@ashley Following you around the library, telling you what you can't borrow.

@ashley is it good advice? been thinking about learning rust, this seems like it could be a nice feature.

@dchud @ashley I want an excuse to dabble in rust too ... when is the book club starting?

@edsu @ashley my rust project idea: I want something that does 3-4 things visidata does but automatically, with some nice charts, and at the speed of xsv. oh, yeah, that and advice about what I should cook tonight.

@dchud @ashley Well I learned about two new tools tonight and made falafel (thanks Trader Joe's and Trader Dan's).

@edsu @ashley I use xsv way more than I eat falafel, and I eat a lot of falafel

@dchud @edsu My project is somewhat similar! In that it just visualizes / makes charts out of existing JSON data.

@dchud @edsu not yet! Trying to close the loop and push up the most minimal proof of concept (Rust+WASM+JS), which I hope to do this weekend when I can get back into it, and I’ll link!

@dchud @edsu I'll warn you that it's extremely hacky atm, code is here:
Live demo is here:

it's absolute minimum I can get away with and still push up -- hope to make it cleaner and more robust over the coming weeks, time and stress-management allowing!

@edsu @dchud there’s always one happening at the recurse center. 😘

Rust is definitely hard

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