@ashley it looks like a public file sharing website?? why they call it digipres?

@VickyRampin @ashley some interesting folks on their board and advisor team or whatever

@VickyRampin @ashley and by interesting i mean predictable and i also don’t know what it means to be inducted into the internet hall of fame

@ashley „the core ideas behind the Permanent Legacy Foundation’s work of democratizing permanence“ does sound quite idealistic and ambitious. Obviously, there is no mention of all the work besides physical/digital preservation that is going on in an archive. Or is there? Nontheless, since permanent.org/digital-archives I'm still interested, more than in similar memory-box endeavours by e.g. FamilySearch, even if more integrated in genealogy work.

@ashley I’m intensely skeptical of the combination “new service” and “promise of permanent retention”. Might work, but, I guess I’ve seen too many people praise things as more resilient than they were in the end.

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