31. Conjoining (咸 xián); Influence; Attraction

55. Abounding (豐 fēng); Abundance; Goal Reached, Ambition Achieved

@ashley That's a beautiful I Ching webapp - did you make it? I like how the casts are URL addressable.

@edsu ya! and yeah sometimes you just gotta share your fortune/misfortune!

@ashley beautifully composed too -- it's nice to be able to easily see how a web application works!

@edsu @ashley oooh... could I have your permission to add hexagrams.js to the "divination" corpus at Corpora? I would credit you in the metadata

@darius @edsu @aparrish yay thank you! something that is a bit of a stretch but I also have is the headings from the chapters of Barthes' A Lover's Discourse, which I used to make a different kind of cartomancy. Although the text wasn't really meant for divination, more ... literature?

@edsu thank you! it could definitely get a bit fancier but it is gentle and simple

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