This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!

recommended authors in the reading lists that are also on the fedi include: @aparrish @darius @ajroach42 @brainwane and @pluralistic

@ashley Just glancing over this, but it looks pretty excellent. Thank you for putting it together.

@darius omg yyyeesss -- I was going to say it's rare to have a show about technology that isn't disappointing, but actually I love every show about tech even if its super bad. But this one is super good!

(there are complaints about the first season being zzz)

@ashley @darius I did find the first season kind of slow, but the bits I saw after that made up for it. I should finish it.

@ajroach42 @darius the acting/characters are a little on-the-nose in S1 too, cringey, but they grow and change so much -- which is what makes it such a good show!

@ashley I think I have said this to you before, but I think the switch from S1 to the subsequent seasons is kind of like the bait-and-switch the industry as a whole offers new entrants. You thought this was a show/industry about quickly coding real hard, but it's really about people of all genders, relationships, money, world-epochal trends, legacies..... @ajroach42 @darius

@ashley I watched that show not too long and loved it.

@ashley this looks FANTASTIC, wow! thank you for making it and sharing it!

@ashley This is really cool, ordinarily I avoid 80s period pieces but HCF was unusually compelling for me. A syllabus is a great idea

@pagrus this felt like such a realistic 80s! there was only one weird party-rave Duran Duran type scene. OK maybe two...

@pagrus all I got were cabbage patch kids and my little ponies 😂

@ashley Hopefully no windows were broken for your cabbage patch kids! 😊

@ashley Seriously though, this looks really interesting. I’ve been thinking about finishing watching the show for a while, and this might finally make me do it.

@drewzero1 th ending does not disappoint! Which is something that makes me nervous near the end of tv shows, haha

@ashley That’s very good to know! I definitely have left shows unfinished out of fear of a disappointing ending.

@ashley this is great
was thinking about rewatching for Research Purposes but this is even better

@izaya thank you! let me know if anything's offbase or wildly inaccurate!!

@ashley This got me to listen to the first by Ursula Franklin. Thank you! Lots of connections forming with Ivan Illich ("Tools for conviviality"; and David Krakauer's notions of complementary vs competitive cognitive artifacts (

@akkartik every time I listen (or read), I just feel like my head is gonna explode with how much is in there!!! This is so great, thank you for these citations :D

@ashley @akkartik I'm glad you found it there -- I did that Internet Archive upload!

@ashley @akkartik apart from the content what I love about those recordings is just the cadence and rhythm of her voice.

@edsu Wow! I'm very glad to meet you, and so so very appreciative.


@ashley i passed this by a couple times & finally clicked in. i love it. amazing form. great topics. good mood/setup. very fine reading picks. lovely. thanks!!

@ashley Gotta ask... Have you been able to find the full Home Page documentary by Doug? Been looking for years, even emailed Justin without luck.

@mikael I love this podcast sooooo much, I think I've listened to almost every episode. The book was really good too

@mikael No, I haven't!!! I'm dying to see it, for several years (although I haven't gone too far in trying). It looks so fascinating!

@ashley Extremely frustrating. Let's see who can find it first? A good challenge might produce some results. I suspect it will be a long running challenge. 😀 I like the podcast too, but there's a bit too much focus on the business and venture capital side of things, I think. The Justin episode is just want I want to hear more of. I've listened to it three times I think. 🙈

@ashley Oh, now I remember. It was re-released in 2019. So should not be that difficult...

Internet, please remind me streaming "won" over piracy.

@ashley This movie seems to be for muricans only. If you find a way to extract a video file I'd be forever grateful. PS. Usenet and the bay ain't helpful this time.

@mikael ok let me flex my elite hacking skills (lol) to sort out how to appropriately pay and then liberate this media

@mikael ps I haven't gotten to this yet!! I've had to spent a lot of time not using a computer lately for various reasons, but I do still plan to watch and attempt to free this, even if I have to hold my damn phone to a screen lololol

@ashley 😺 Eagerly awaiting liberation day — but no hurry! I suspect recording your screen with OBS might be the simplest way... I wonder how the release groups do it. Somehow they manage to get closed captions.

@ashley I so deeply and profoundly love that you made this. It can be hard to explain to most folks what HCF means to me.

But I am also thankful because it led me to your site and the article you wrote for Bustle about your experience finding your way back to tech. Totally inspiring and awesome and reminds me of many of the things I loved about being an instructor for the Atlanta campus. 🙏 ✨

@kingcons thank you!!! Haha yeah — that article feels like it was from 10 lifetimes ago!

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