This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!

@ashley this looks FANTASTIC, wow! thank you for making it and sharing it!

@ashley This is really cool, ordinarily I avoid 80s period pieces but HCF was unusually compelling for me. A syllabus is a great idea

@ashley this is great
was thinking about rewatching for Research Purposes but this is even better

@ashley This got me to listen to the first by Ursula Franklin. Thank you! Lots of connections forming with Ivan Illich ("Tools for conviviality"; and David Krakauer's notions of complementary vs competitive cognitive artifacts (

@ashley i passed this by a couple times & finally clicked in. i love it. amazing form. great topics. good mood/setup. very fine reading picks. lovely. thanks!!

@ashley Gotta ask... Have you been able to find the full Home Page documentary by Doug? Been looking for years, even emailed Justin without luck.

@ashley I so deeply and profoundly love that you made this. It can be hard to explain to most folks what HCF means to me.

But I am also thankful because it led me to your site and the article you wrote for Bustle about your experience finding your way back to tech. Totally inspiring and awesome and reminds me of many of the things I loved about being an instructor for the Atlanta campus. 🙏 ✨

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