everyone likes to deep-dive philosophize about a floppy disk as a save icon but no one talks about the lingering absurdity of carbon copy and blind carbon copy

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birdsite link 

@ashley how come the microphone icon is always something radio hosts talked to in the 50s

@ashley Also, why are there two hierarchies that are the total opposite of each other. I'm the CLIENT (boss) and the big server in the Nevada desert is the SERVER (peon); but when I order the server to send me a file, I have to click on a DOWN arrow symbolizing DOWNload, which is silly because the peon is supposed to be handing it UP to me on My Throne forged from 1000 silicon swords. This is what happens when STEM majors don't take humanities courses where they could learn about metaphor.

@ashley because everyone just accepts that email is an anachronism in general

@ashley I mean, it kinda just speaks to the fact that people ought STFU about the save icon, I think. That said, even as someone old enough to live life before the Internet, it wasn't until a much older professor explained to me how carbon copies were used in office environments that I understood the etiquette difference between the "To" line and the "CC" line.

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