Having a meeting soon about a thing that I have wanted to do for a long time, and hopefully get to do, despite my very busy schedule! Fingers crossed for me!


I get to co-teach a class in the Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teaching brings me so much joy and I am happy

@ashley *ears perk up* What do you like to teach? MPOW is grossly understaffed and needs teachers liek whoa.

@dsalo this class is the intro to technology style LIS course (sorta), I really like that. I like anything about digital preservation, basically!

@ashley okay! gosh, we could have used you this fall. I will keep your name in mind as other stuff comes up!

@dsalo Thanks!! I tried to teach at my alma mater (U. South Carolina) but their bureaucracy was so bad that they haven't tried to hire anyone. But they neeeeed practitioners...!

@ashley I can't say much for MPOW's bureaucracy either -- above our department (which is reasonable) it gets real bananacrackers real fast. But we try to shield you from the worst of it.

@dsalo Although!, my co-teaching is as a result of the primary teacher having too much work travel, and I also have too much work travel this fall -- so we balance out since we are both gone for 4-5 classes this semester, which is a lot! I couldn't have taught a class solo with my travel obligations.

@dsalo although @sabrams you make it work!!! I feel for all the travel you've had to do

@ashley @dsalo Having it online helps! I probably couldn’t teach in person.

@ashley @dsalo (tbh I was thinking about tossing my hat in the ring for that class at Pratt, but I already have so much fall travel that ... idk.)

@dsalo Yeah it's in person once a week! My alma mater was async too so I think that would work fine, because I'm still arouuunnnnddd, just not in NYC

@ashley kk, I was def thinking of you for online async courses (all of our online courses are async).

@dsalo yes thank you! that's great to know about async classes

@dsalo @ashley Liking the idea of Ashley teaching at Wisconsin, not at Wisconsin being understaffed. That part makes me v sad.

@sabrams This spring and fall have been ridiculous. We have made two academic-staff hires, though, so things will get a bit better starting this coming spring.

@dsalo Oh, good! And yeah, I was taking to Michele a bit about this while we were fleshing out my course. Any luck filling her position?

@sabrams Yup. Announced last Friday. Excellent administrator, terrific pedagogy. The trick is she's not LIS, so we'll have to dance a bit to figure out what to have her teach ("management" is the obvious choice).

@sabrams it is a HUGE relief, yeah. And when Willett is impressed with somebody's pedagogy... it's solid.

@dsalo btw, where’s the announcement? i missed it

@sabrams it was announced at Michele's retirement party; I don't think anything written has gone out. But there were like 75 people at that party, so I can't manage to think of this as secret!

@sabrams (If I only knew b/c I served on the search committee I'd keep shtum. But the retirement party did happen!)

@dsalo excited to see who it is! i’m sure there will be a written announcement soon? or i’ll meet them when the semester starts!

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