I'm interested in papers that cover the psychology of why people do not contribute to open source and constantly complain about cost of maintenance/support agreements but accept it in proprietary software services

a mixed of learned helplessness and the desire to put the blame on someone else?

@ashley I'd love to see actual research, my theory is that it is simply because there is a forum for people to be heard. They feel helpless in the proprietary situation, so they can't complain.

I think this is related to how angry people get over public projects, like school buildings, even if a private company did a similar project there'd be little uproar. Because there are hearings and discussion, people see an opportunity to discuss their frustrations. They're there in both cases though.

@ashley the conditioning is f***ing real though: even in articles from big outlets like that one 👆 , they always get a quote from Doctorow or Stallman or Torvalds, fine, great, but they're never like "btw GIMP is right over here, thrilled to take *some* of the money or time you spend on Adobe CC, here are XYZ support companies that are happy to help integrate/teach/maintain it on your systems, and none of them will ever give a crap if you're using the version that works for you"

@The_BFOOL I see it play out even in our very niche field, too, blindly trusting the snake oil salesmen walking amongst us promising solutions but just creating a sea of problems that we as maintainers have to clean up

@The_BFOOL all I think about is "you can lead a horse to water but he will still want Pepsi"

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