My Slack app bricked itself overnight and I am here to say that Zulip is amazing and wish the annual subscriptions to Slack all went into Zulip instead


Have you tried Riot or RocketChat? Curious to hear your comparisons ~


Ah ok, I never heard of Zulip before but I use Riot for most of my slack-needs and it's going down hill a bit :/ and the devs don't really listen to their community (it's FLOSS). Some others swear by RocketChat but there's some functionality missing for me (VOIP). Discord looks cool but not FLOSS.

I'll check out Zulip tho!

@vickysteeves ahhh I don’t think zulip has VOIP. I like the framework of zulip and how it can keep people focused on topics better than the crashing waves of Slack

@ashley @aparrish I wish someone would make a zulip mobile app that makes sense! the official one is so hard to use :(

@nightpool @aparrish yeah it is difficult :( i feel like it’s been getting better and better to manage lately but it’s hard for avalanches of messages!

@ashley @aparrish I mean, the mobile app is kind of a classic FOSS no polish/no ux situation. I like zulip on desktop a lot but it needs a good mobile story if I'm going to switch to it full time.

@ashley @gcupc I set up a demo Zulip instance for folks at work, but nobody will actually create a login and look at it.

The only person who commented said they didn't even want to see it, because it's too much work to migrate off Slack.

Same thing happened when I offered to run it for a community group.

I hate Slack, it's a giant FOMO distraction generator. You can't discover important conversations later, and you also can't keep up in real time.

@feorlen @ashley Because we don't use Slack at work, I have mostly managed to avoid it. From the little I've used it for non-work stuff, there's just nothing special about it, considering there are so many free alternatives.

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