Been a Linux user for years, but I have to use Windows at work, and it’s been defeating me so much lately. :(

Ok, still haven’t gotten into using this much, but am I right in assuming that this is where to come for iPres snark next week?

@andrewjbtw The Net? I loved it at the time but haven’t watched it in over 20 years. I suspect it holds up badly 😃 Or if it can be contemporary: Mr Robot

Dreamed I was invited to lunch with senior management, and I was going to make my case for improving and easing access to our collections. Before I got my chance, I woke up. Sounds about right :/

Been reading up on my institution’s history of computing, and it’s so interesting. Talking about the MB the mainframe could handle 😅

Techie enough that the IT guy asks my help when trying to get some software to work, but not techie enough to figure out a good way to stream the Women’s World Cup. 😒

So I get the impression that like most social media, this is actually all about cats, right? So how about this guy, snoring next to me, slumped over my laptop like I’d like to most days.

OK, first "toot." Not sure I get how to use this yet. Any suggestions for tutorials or people or groups to follow?

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