Every few weeks I get FedExed a box of manga and it is fun to see my kids immediately pounce on their favorite series. My somewhat ridiculous manga collection is functioning for them the way my mom's long boxes filled with marvel comics from the 60s and 70s functioned for me when I was growing up.

helping two students with their digital exhibit class projects today!

I am Reviewer 2 for this paper...hmmmm

why...would you take individual photos of a written register...and add it to a photos collection...with no pagination...and each page a separate item.....why....

Back at work, gonna restock graphic novel display

I have got to start taking better care of myself.

Woke up feeling a little sick, put up new graphic novel display for November, took a sick day and went home, slept for 3+ hours.

People were emailing me earlier about preparing notes for a meeting this week, and I was like, I am bringing no notes, but I WILL BRING MY BRAIN! (my brain was enough)

Need to figure out how to do super basic python sentiment analysis for homework for the class I'm auditing...

Alright, almost done with these edits

At least now I have met the person from OCLC, who I always thought was secretly a protagonist from a 90s cyberpunk novel, based on their name.

I am at an OCLC Lunch and learn, and I really really really don't want to hear about how they've implemented IIIF in CONTENTdm.

I have to do emergency halloween costume shopping with my kids after work today, should be interesting.

Read Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction vol 1 and it was so good.

I forgot, I also have to contribute some paragraphs to a paper, oy!

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Working from home! Going to catch up on building a toolkit and try to practice jekyll a little bit.

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