On some folk were keen on the idea of a community-managed glossary of digital preservation terms.

If anyone wants to pitch in please make yourself known at

Obvs discussion here is welcome but I’ll need help feeding back to that forum.

@beet_keeper @anj Thanks, that would be great if that site is an appropriate place for it! It needs a few updates that I haven't had the chance to do, so will get to those and get back to you.

@caylin @beet_keeper that all sounds fine to me - the only thing I’d worry about is, because I don’t know who contributed to that Google Doc, I don’t know if the move might leave people behind (because Markdown in GitHub is not as easy to use as a GDoc).

@anj @beet_keeper I'm the only person who created and updates it. I've received emails from people with more examples to add, but I'm the only one who can edit the spreadsheet.

@caylin @anj markdown is a small barrier, we can make it pretty clear how to do it for newbies. The awesome-list style approach on GitHub has the added benefit of being able to host those requests as issues, and have other maintainers of the repo add the information.

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