One of the great unsolved digital preservation problems: migrating laptop stickers from one machine to another.

@andrewjbtw Stickers as Code: how to make your sticker setup reproducible with an easy set of YAML.

@nemobis @andrewjbtw simply install with npm -i laptop-stickers and ignore the warnings from our 137 dependencies.


Hoping someone will build a laptop recognition system by analysing the stickers

@andrewjbtw The other day my dad asked whether I needed a new laptop and my first thought was: But the stickers?!

@platypus @scissortail @andrewjbtw
This thread gave me a tiny bit of anxiety because hadn't considered leaving behind my beloved stickers. 🥺


solution: take a high res photo, get new clear full panel stickers printed with all the stickers included 🙃

@andrewjbtw Not anymore with the Framework laptop where you can update it by swapping a new motherboard in it :)

@andrewjbtw I learned the hard way that certain kinds of stickers do not want to come off in one piece with the sticky stuff still on them. *sigh*


I don't remember who mentioned doing this, but I'm planning this for my 'incoming' laptop: Clear, removable contact paper on the lid.

Might not transfer cleanly to the next laptop, but at least one can peel and save the set.

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