Soft launch of my command line notes, with an introduction and posts on 'ls' and 'tmux':

Trying to put pressure on myself to keep adding to it. For a while I thought I'd launch with 10 commands, but it turns out I write a lot.

It might be a weird choice to have something like 'tmux' among the first posts, but the origin of these notes is documentation needed for work, and there's a server heavily involved in the repository where something like 'tmux' is a must for long-running processes where you need the flexibility to disconnect and return.

I really need to make the screenshots look better.

Also, I'm still learning how to use this static site generator (pelican, chosen mainly because I felt even less comfortable running something ruby-based) so please let me know if something's broken, especially links.

@andrewjbtw i learned something right off the bat skimming your `ls` notes (the -i option).

does pelican do rss/atom? i would subscribe to a feed if one were there.

@brennen thanks! There is a feed, but I need to fix the configuration. I'm getting a warning about deprecated syntax during site generation.

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