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I'm returning to some stuff I rescued from my grandma's closet a couple years back and the first thing I popped in is apparently a recording of an older woman, who I vaguely vaguely recall from my babyhood, narrating over a '20s-era silent film that "tells the story" of the town in Central MA where we all lived in the '90s and that I now live next to.

The silent film as you can imagine is colonialist and problematic AF but there are like three different layers of oral history happening here!!!

Yay it works though!

It's best practice to set up your station right next to the litter box right

Finally setting back up my video digitization equipment in the new apartment, so since it's been over a year of course that means I am in a hellhole of troubleshooting Blackmagic drivers

something like the Broken Link Checker plugin I use on my Wordpress blog - but, y'know, not in PHP...

All my web archivist colleagues - is there a tool/script floating out that I can just feed a list/CSV of URLs and get back (if any) Wayback links?

Even better would be if I could just point it a plain-text/source file and it just pulled the URLs itself

This paper about synthetic vs. living DNA storage and digital preservation is so good that I'm a bit shook and not sure how to go about a day of emulating stuff

TIL that there was a one-off BBC drama about the Sinclair-Curry rivalry, starring Martin Freeman?

can any of our UK friends report back on whether this is worth watching?

I was this far into a digital preservation career before realizing how much better the torrent downloads from IA are than the direct downloads

Note that this is 50% for me to help answer your questions, but also 50% me wanting someone to please help me with this AppleTalk error:

Hey our EaaSI Community Forum is live and I'm ready to encourage *everyone and anyone* to sign up for it!

Please register, follow along, and post if you've interested in our project announcements, have burning questions about the EaaSI software and the EaaSI Network, or if you just want to talk about emulation and concerns with using legacy software for preservation + access in general!

This is disconcerting because I was just ranting about optical media in a webinar this week

This is 🔥 🔥 🔥

any paper whose end recommendations are "allocate the staff, time and training to actually do the job" and "collect less" is ok in my book

Sometimes at work I have to refer to "big-S Software" or "little-s software", and now I will force you all to learn why


do any of the lovely digital preservation and CS educators on here have a favorite resource that explains or begins the question of "what is software?"

Hopefully of interest to and the fediverse - Software Preservation Network is recruiting new members for working groups!

(You don't need to be or work for a SPN member to join! Just an interest in software + digital preservation)

I'll be co-coordinating the new Community Engagement Collaborative, which is a working group aimed particularly at outreach, events, and welcoming new members/folks into the SPN circle. Happy to answer questions!


I was hoping we would get this out before the winter break so as not to be trying to promote new resources during *all this*, but oh well:

This was a super fun Case Study to work on, Annie's the best, and I learned a bunch about early Macintosh and Lisa development that we couldn't really squeeze in here but that I would be happy to rant about at any time


now *this* is the kind of commitment to Yale's "go-slow" week that I can appreciate

Help, fediverse - a little while back I saw a post about a self-hosted Twitch-like streaming platform, and now I can't find it again (might've been on the birdsite). It wasn't Open Streaming Platform.What am I thinking of?

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