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I love trawling old electronics on Craigslist, so much wilder even than eBay

One person trying to sell a 1/4" reel-to-reel deck explicitly with a broken motor for $800

Another selling a similar model with no apparent issues for $30

If I were to do another EaaSI/emulation-related livestream for World Digital Preservation Day (Nov. 3) - what would folks on here be interested in seeing/hearing about?

馃捑 Have questions about building a video game collection? Wondering how the DMCA affects access to your collection?

Join the Software Preservation Network and our expert panelists (including folks from the Video Game History Foundation, the Harvard CyberLaw Clinic, and the Strong Museum of Play) for the Fall 2022 SPN Forum discussion 鈥淏uilding a Video Game Collection: Community Q&A":


the queasy relationship between forensic tooling and digital heritage/cultural archives is well-covered at this point, but sifting through examples like "a fun-to-solve university harassment scenario" just to get some sample files is making we want to barf

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Is anyone aware of a set of sample EWF/E01 disk images *other* than the ones on Digital Corpora? (or would be willing/able to send some examples for testing purposes?)

trying out a few things for a possible BUF proposal on forensic imaging -> emulation workflows and I worked through the DC ones (which would do the trick for a demo but I'm curious to attempt others)

Made a couple critical tweaks to Qiwi that make me feel more confident moving it from "alpha" to "beta" status and seeking more feedback!

Do you use QEMU on the regular, particularly for retro-computing/emulation? Please give a try and leave comments/tickets so I can improve!

(M series Apple testers esp wanted since I don't have that hardware!)

ok first release and pre-built versions are up! macOS .app bundles are even wonkier than I realized so I'd probably still just recommend using the if you're at all CLI savvy, but will keep working on that

Q for dev folks:

I am very new to deploying anything on CI/CD beyond static sites. I've made a lil Python app and want to package it up with pyinstaller and share the various executables as assets on a release in GitLab. Is there no way to just upload executables I've bundled locally? Do I have to figure out GitLab CI jobs for pyinstaller? I don't get how that would work for making macOS/Windows versions (also don't like automating until I've had a chance to do something myself at least once)

Who wants to help me test a new thing?

(and/or has advice for packaging wxPython/Gooey-based python apps for macOS and Windows?)

(tl;dr - we gather a lot, send a lot to Wikidata, but most of it's not actually standardized or integrated directly into the EaaSI platform! read on for more detail on our thought process, influences, and needs though)

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In the wake of the Software Preservation Network's Software Metadata Recommended Format (SMRF) Guide, the EaaSI team got a lot of questions about metadata for emulation and the EaaSI platform. Me and Claire Fox tried to dig into those questions in the latest EaaSI Training Module:


Software, surveillance 

Today I participated in a focus group on software citation - the call was recorded on Zoom by the facilitators but then after the call we all got an (automated) notice from that one of the other participants in the group had recorded the call transcript, without notice, consent, etc

It turned out to be a total accident/unintentional - the person just had their Zoom and Otter accounts linked and the settings were off.

Need new earbuds - any wireless recommendations?

I could try patching some install media and then using that to re-install the now-patched OS on the Mac Mini image, but that approach seems to rely on the universal Server builds for Tiger and I only see options for e.g. 10.4.7 or 10.4.8 (not sure if there ever was any kind of recovery media for versions higher than that, or if you only got above 10.4.8 with upgrades?); so I doubt that reinstall-in-place approach would work

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Anyone ever had any luck emulating the Intel version of OSX Tiger? Preferably in QEMU?

Scenario: successfully imaged a Core2Duo Mac Mini (2,1) running OSX 10.4.10. For various reasons would like to inspect the whole machine in emulation, but I've never successfully gotten x86 versions below 10.6 running in QEMU or VirtualBox. There are one or two tutorials for patching Tiger install media to make it run but can't find applicable guidance for patching an already-installed system.

(I refuse to play the shareware pop-up game with Sublime)

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I'm unable to put my brain to anything more "productive" at the moment, so investigating Atom alternatives now

Playing a bit with VSCodium (VSC compiled with proprietary branding/config/telemetry removed):

it would do, but still annoyed at how over-powered and busy IDEs are for someone who pretty much just wants to write and preview various markup docs and maybe a few simple scripts. Atom threaded the needle really nicely.

is the answer paying for Sublime Text?

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