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Does anyone possibly have a digital copy of the paperback TOTEM (Trustworthy Online Technical Environment Metadata Database) guide? The database itself ( has unfortunately turned out...not trustworthy.

Our department owns a physical copy that is trapped and inaccessible at the moment, so we can come up with some kind of one-on-one Controlled Digital Lending agreement...

we have a large number of MS-DOS programs running in EaaSI (QEMU) that seem to install properly but crash + reboot DOS when run, and I think I need to learn about DOS memory management, and I really don't want to

Software Preservation Network will be hosting a "show and tell"-style discussion with two amazing practitioners (@VickyRampin and @elenarchivist ) next week!

Our software heritage is more than Doom, Clippy, and the Space Jam web site. Please join in for a fun discussion of some other software stories and the work SPN members do.

Details and registration here:

Last night we put on some Lifetime movie (it's been a rough couple weeks) that featured a hacker breaking into Vivica A. Fox's computer and they appeared to use htop to open a PDF, delightful

for the fediverse, @bitsgalore referred me on the birdsite to his scripts for creating/burning discs of various types, which should easily be adapted to make samples!

once I have a corpus that I'm happy with, I'll see if I can post it publicly so that other folks can just nab the images

friends: is there a demo/sample corpus out there of CD-ROM disk images that demonstrates the behavior and proper imaging of the various Book/disc types?

- mixed-mode
- multi-session
- hybrid filesystem

as far as I can tell, the pre-built VMs are just a single-partition, BIOS install (i386-pc directory is present at (root)/boot/grub/, but no modules inside...)

plus, the whole deal with EaaS environments is that any changes made by the user can be discarded, so I'm quite certain I wouldn't have saved the environment this way after making any intentional change/choice/update

Has anyone ever witnessed a problem with BitCurator seemingly spontaneously wiping its own grub install? Perhaps on system reboot?

Context: a while back I imported and (successfully) used one of the pre-built BitCurator 2.0.16 VMs in Emulation-as-a-Service. I've returned to that environment and I now only get the "grub rescue>" prompt, and it seems like the core "normal" grub module is just...gone?

My collection of published resources on emulation in digipres has been added to the SPN Software Preservation Bibliography (a public Zotero library of sites and references for software preservation)!

This is another one of those side projects that I might be weirdly more proud of than my regular duties - it's been fun to track to fill in the gaps and now really see the various stages of emulation in archival discussions/use cases over the past 25 years

So why are Video/Hi/Digital8 decks and players *quite* so expensive? Trawling eBay for backup options and wowza compared to other formats even the "consumer"-level Digital 8 walkmans have gone insane on the resale market

My father-in-law revealed a trove of Video8 tapes - home movies from the late '80s/early '90s - this weekend while we were visiting

He still had the original camcorder (w/ composite line-out multi-connector) too, so with great luck I won't have to go hunting for an expensive deck to transfer

However, I just realized that he did *not* have the DC power add-on, so all I have are lithium batteries that at time of original purchase held power for (checks manual) 1 hour

*cracks knuckles*

(also the new Glossary could use some love - if you know how to set up some Hugo shortcode to create tooltips that link to the definitions on that page, hit me up plz)

moving to a static site generator (Hugo) I think gives it more of a "knowledge base" feel - if you know how to do anything, literally anything with QEMU, put it in a markdown file and contribute!

shouts to @nkrabben who previously provided content (all migrated!) and @ashley whose original color scheme inspired the defaults here (though you can also pick literally whatever color/mode works for you!)

pssst for the past ~6 months when I had a minute I'd tweak on a redesign of QEMU QED and it's finally shareable:

I've also drafted a PR to include a note on my thoughts re: gendered language bulsh*t in the contribution guidelines. Since it's an organizational repository, I want the go-ahead from some of the other maintainers/AMIA open source commitee members before I push something that could be read as speaking for others, though I don't expect any objection. +1s or just general feedback from anyone on the writing appreciated tho!

New highlights are small but include:
- proper sample images and better descriptions for a number of serial data protocols (three years of working with old contooters has really helped me know what I'm talking about here better)
- attempts to explain USB 3.x, USB4, and Thunderbolt 4
- ...what *is* MIDI?

I have been forcing myself to take a slice of time out of each day to work on stagnant personal projects (the ones that bring me great joy!)

So today I pushed some long-simmering edits to the Cable Bible! Like, edits I've been meaning to make for three years!

Love that the entire global economy is now predicated on the idea of granular, highly personalized ad delivery, yet services still can't figure out that maybe if they're running a promo for new customers they shouldn't send that email blast to existing customers

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