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Google Drive is refusing to zip and download a folder with 5 CSVs in it, no error message or details whatsoever, love it, terrific software

I'm often jealous of TBM conservators for the way those jobs generally encourage one to sit down and figure out *one* weird digital object/artwork at a time, but this is a place general archivists will have the sanity advantage

As long you find a USB-C cable, it's prob not going to matter much to get data off a hard drive or whatever, but you *know* some monster is out there designing a Nam June Paik-ish installation piece that requires 500 Thunderbolt 4-only 4K monitors

We've really just re-run the parallel SCSI situation, but in a way that will just be even more confusing to future archivists, huh

The thought just occurred to me that I should probably update the Cable Bible for USB 3.2, 4.0, and Thunderbolt 4, but since there's been no changes to the connectors at all I'm considering just listing them with a caption that says "you're on your own"

NYU Web Publishing blocked public access to Savannah Campbell's old student blog (i mean I get locking her out from the admin controls after graduating, I guess, but lolwut?) so I worked with her and Ben Turkus to get the content back and up on The Patch Bay. Some really nice posts about video deck repair and maintenance!

First one here, links through to the other two:

All the fuss over the Space Jam website over the weekend but do people realize that much of Universal's promotional site for The Lost World: Jurassic Park is still up?

throwing $$$ at the legal fees to establish a flexible and generally favorable Fair Use copyright landscape is the best thing Google ever did, and I look forward to using it against them

There are the usual digital archivist job posting things that give me pause here, but my wife works for Five Colleges Inc and pretty closely with this unit, and says Smith is up to some exciting stuff (and is/has been hiring other staff and diverting resources to make sure this person is supported). Happy to put in touch for any inside-baseball questions if anyone's interested:


Come join me in the Valley 🥳

birdsite link, working group recruitment 

This was a hard one! The latest EaaSI training module (attempts) to explain Emulation-as-a-Service as a platform/software stack, and some of the key pieces and tweaks the EaaSI program has made to it


weird though, I would swear that I've been watching MKV files on Firefox through my Plex server; need to check if there's a transcode going on that I'm not aware of

Seriously though, why, when faced with the fact that no one wants to pay for the time + effort for their staff to learn new tech skills ("old" technology/equipment is a super-terrible way to frame this, if it's a skill or system someone hasn't used before, it's *new*), do we always go "record an oral history!"

YouTube already exists, folks

also, I should clarify, my issue with web archives is not a shot at any current practitioner or program in any way, shape, or form, but a critique of a heritage system that has and continues to massively underestimate the resources necessary to do what ppl want it to do

I wrote a blog post on this topic for DPC a couple years back, though in revisiting it I would add something about working *in collaboration and care* with the communities mentioned, as the archivists in Sweden did (and, to their own admission, it required LOTS OF TIME)

tl;dr fewer oral histories with older white men, more protection and leveraging of the considerable resources we already have, more time and space for exploration, troubleshooting and research baked into everyone's jobs, plz

OPF had a good discussion led by the national archives of Sweden in a webinar "A Call to Help: collecting obsolete equipment and playback devices" this morning.

Made me think (with even more conviction) that the "loss" of expertise with older tech is not really a loss at all, it's 1) a misunderstanding of how tech knowledge has always been gained (through time + practice) and 2) an utter failure of search and discovery systems, esp for web archives

For the past year or so I'd been feeling like Discord was my major tech platform blind spot, but I guess I'm good now

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