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I don't know who else needs to hear this, but TIL that ' $ cd - ' will take you back to your previous directory and I am shook

"Let me just pop over and see what Office 365 does with this .ppt" he said

"I can get that done before the next Zoom call" he said

Best part about using Linux almost all the time but keeping a Windows partition for occasional use is that baked in to that "occasional" is an extra 30 minutes minimum of running updates

Running out of things in my "to read" pile, can't/really shouldn't order any new books before moving, getting dangerously close to Carrie's college copy of Moby Dick, what do I do

Hooray! I am not in the pilot program but very intrigued to see what DPC's learning modules look like come May

(I do wish they would address the name change publicly somehow, assuming it was for the reason I think it was...but perhaps in the "lessons learned" report mentioned here)

My Hello Void pin serving as guiding philosophy this Friday, every Friday, every day forever

Going to go live on Twitch installing software for a bit. Troubleshooting emulation is weirdly soothing right now. Tune in if you're curious.

Wait the spinup service might be AWS based, dang it, I guess that sort of defeats the purpose

still, curious

Is there a open source alternative to Twitch livestream hosting? Like can you connect OBS to self-hosted PeerTube or something? Does that get you live chat features?

I want to do some more emulation streams during this time of everyone doing WFH, but also am trying to divest from Amazon this year and also I have access to a Yale spinup service so I'm ready to go nuts

Struggling to keep my "maturity model" jokes/snark to myself here at

Hi! I write docs. I like to try different platforms/tools for writing those docs to see what works best. I also like to preview them locally before I push them online.

What I'm saying is, my terminal is a f***ed hellscape of virtual envs and hidden config folders. Please help.

twitter link 

On this dreary Monday morning, please enjoy My First Browser Extension, now available for Firefox Add-ons (Chrome review pending)

This is an early Christmas gift built on request, but let it be a beacon for everyone struggling with self-doubt

(Also I will post the code shortly, when able, but I don't want to ruin the surprise and I promise there is literally no JavaScript included)

One for the digipres book club: anyone read this one? I'm enjoying (well, "enjoying", it's good is the point)

Help for an XML novice: I have a set of individual XML files/records. I want to extract the value of two or three elements in each record and export those to, e.g. a CSV.

Can I do this with XPath?

update: these are amazing and helpful documents that I am clearly not in the right headspace to read today (might be the massive server outage, constant reminders of society crumbling in the news), because all I can think about is that preservation, access, and loss are an ouroboros that will never fit into a spreadsheet


Taking a Friday afternoon campus-wide server outage as an opportunity to catch up on reading: NDSA Levels of Preservation 2.0, DLF's Levels of Born-Digital Access, NARA's file format preservation plans.....quite the month!

Next Thursday, for World Digital Preservation Day I'll be live-streaming configuration of new environments for the EaaSI Sandbox. Please tune in and chat Linux, RDM, QEMU and EaaSI with me!

Nov. 7, approx. 1:00-3:00 EST

Hold on to your (Red) hats

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