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#GitHub is blocking users based on national origin, citing US trade controls law restrictions....

People from #Iran, #Syria, #Crimea, #Cuba, and North Korea woke up one day to lose access to all their public and private repositories. There's reporting that even people *who traveled* to any of those countries in the last 2 years are losing their data...

And #GitHub has not said ONE WORD ABOUT IT.


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just spent ~2 hours trying to wrangle ImageMagick or pdfjam to convert and condense about 400 jpegs into one PDF

finally did it in about 5 minutes with gscan2pdf:

sometimes....GUIs are good

Any vintage computing and/or emulator enthusiasts out there who have favorite hobbyist sites or resources? I realized this was a crucial missing piece in my emulation-resources repo:

new slide for when people ask us if the legacy operating systems in EaaSI are "secure"

iPRES program is out!

Can't wait for my favorite pre-conference activity, which is planning when to take a break (not going to be easy since our hackathon got accepted!!)

"Full-time maintainers are technically talented people responsible for issue management, security, navigating toxic complaints, while often receiving below the industry standards."

v. into this analysis on FLOSS funding, "Software below the poverty line"

side note: has the "Delete and redraft" feature always been part of Mastodon or was that part of the recent update? because CLUTCH


Any colleagues going to Texas in August for , please join the EaaSI and FCoP teams for this FREE day-long workshop on preserving software and implementing emulation access services

Come hang and catalog some software!!! (really)

I know it's now like part of my job to figure out what happens when this is no longer the case, but thank christ Ubuntu has kept all its old-release source repositories up and running

I’ve seen people express concern that Apple’s Ruby announcement will affect Homebrew. Don’t worry - we’ve been shipping our own Ruby where needed for a few years now. We’re in a good position to adapt, and we’ll be ready long before the change actually happens.

I know HBO is probably preserving the literal assets and all but who is preserving *the spirit* of HBO's desperate attempts to maintain subscriptions after the GoT finale

I just want to catch up with Barry, please chill out with the four trailers for your lineup before every episode, my dudes

I wrote a personal essay on federated social web meets the rogue archivists, the nuance and power of forgetting, and building social software around consent and archival resistance.

First blog post of the new project is up 🎇 Sarah Nguyen, research scientist, wrote up an update on the first phase of her part of this project, investigating the scholarly git experience -- and what that means!


*somehow both too quiet and too close to the mic at the same time*
hhhhhhhhhhh ok guys hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh today I'm going to show you hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how to upload a QEMU Docker container into EaaSI

I'm recording EaaSI demo videos, do you think the Mellon Foundation will get the joke if I go for the "12-year-old YouTuber explains how to install VirtualBox" screencast aesthetic

📝 📷 ➡️ 🖥❓What's your favorite software+hardware for scanning still images or digitizing archival docs—ideally open source? Uber-conservator @unstablearchive and uber-preservationist @ablwr would love Twitter replies or notes added to this Google Doc! [repeated from Twitter]

Hooray, is back! So now I can ask a question of any QEMU tinkerers and/or legacy Linux users:

Any suggestions for getting '90s-era Mandrake (5.x) to recognize sound and network cards? As far as I can tell from modprobe, Mandrake had native drivers for QEMU's emulated SB16 and NE2000 PCI devices, and they're loaded into the kernel, but the OS still won't see them.

Am I going to finally experience the joys of recompiling the Linux kernel???

amazing installation screen for a custom dBase application released by the Census Bureau in ~1995

there is literally no more context to this

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