@pixelflowers ooh interesting! TBH I have gone back and forth about including Atari emulators.

on the one hand, I try to keep the focus off of video game emulation (which is well-covered elsewhere, and I just couldn't keep up with all the console emulators out there)

on the other hand, that's a very fine and arbitrary line sometimes, like with Amiga or MAME/MESS. ST emulators should at least probably be in there. and this article is def relevant for emulating CRT graphics across the board!

@axfelix the partition's still there, I can see vmlinuz and initrd images, everything seems fine on that side, the issue's grub complaining about i386-pc/normal.mod being missing, which prevents it from doing, basically anything, and indeed I can't find it in any of the places it could/should be

indeed it's pretty Not Worth It compared to making a new environment with their newer install method anyway. I'm mostly baffled because EaaS is set up in a way specifically to avoid this sort of thing

as far as I can tell, the pre-built VMs are just a single-partition, BIOS install (i386-pc directory is present at (root)/boot/grub/, but no modules inside...)

plus, the whole deal with EaaS environments is that any changes made by the user can be discarded, so I'm quite certain I wouldn't have saved the environment this way after making any intentional change/choice/update

Has anyone ever witnessed a problem with BitCurator seemingly spontaneously wiping its own grub install? Perhaps on system reboot?

Context: a while back I imported and (successfully) used one of the pre-built BitCurator 2.0.16 VMs in Emulation-as-a-Service. I've returned to that environment and I now only get the "grub rescue>" prompt, and it seems like the core "normal" grub module is just...gone?

@platypus the other day one of the just-graduated cohort asked whether anyone from our program had successfully received PSLF (which the admins bring up anytime confronted with this issue) and the silence was deafening

@platypus contemplating whether to post this series on my grad program's alumni listserv, I already highlight Debt Collective events on the regular

@platypus lololololol and Google wonders why it lags behind in messaging

@axfelix @despens I've also never seen this written about, but if someone does, please include something about the Sharp Quattron ads where George Takei tried to convince you that the color blue is not blue:


My collection of published resources on emulation in digipres has been added to the SPN Software Preservation Bibliography (a public Zotero library of sites and references for software preservation)!


This is another one of those side projects that I might be weirdly more proud of than my regular duties - it's been fun to track to fill in the gaps and now really see the various stages of emulation in archival discussions/use cases over the past 25 years

@platypus @VickyRampin @zacchiro @ashley I have never really tried it specifically with two-column papers - but it is excellent for document review/markup in general and the most recent pinch-to-zoom updates on PDFs are quite smooth IMHO, if the problem is usually text size (I also never had an e-reader, so I don't really have much to compare to!)

@axfelix @andrewjbtw generally I think the VM focus/approach dramatically lowers the barrier for entry so it definitely fits what the project + Consortium are going for, but it also definitely causes a choke point a little down the line when folks have invested in that path without maybe knowing the tradeoffs/troubleshooting steps for such a setup

just one of my examples of one why digipres education should spend a little more time on the "digital" before jumping right to "preservation"

@axfelix @andrewjbtw just remembered that they kind of do this with their SaltStack scripts? I've never looked at it super closely, so I think they still have Ubuntu 18.04 but Salt's cross-platform so I wonder how difficult it would be to adapt to other distros. I imagine, like you say, some of the older GUI apps would cause problems.


@andrewjbtw I believe this was ad hoc/whatever Kam Woods could merge for a long time but BCC just recently got together a Software Development Committee that will take over planning and maintenance on this sort of thing: bitcuratorconsortium.org/about

So why are Video/Hi/Digital8 decks and players *quite* so expensive? Trawling eBay for backup options and wowza compared to other formats even the "consumer"-level Digital 8 walkmans have gone insane on the resale market

My father-in-law revealed a trove of Video8 tapes - home movies from the late '80s/early '90s - this weekend while we were visiting

He still had the original camcorder (w/ composite line-out multi-connector) too, so with great luck I won't have to go hunting for an expensive deck to transfer

However, I just realized that he did *not* have the DC power add-on, so all I have are lithium batteries that at time of original purchase held power for (checks manual) 1 hour

*cracks knuckles*

(also the new Glossary could use some love - if you know how to set up some Hugo shortcode to create tooltips that link to the definitions on that page, hit me up plz)

moving to a static site generator (Hugo) I think gives it more of a "knowledge base" feel - if you know how to do anything, literally anything with QEMU, put it in a markdown file and contribute!

shouts to @nkrabben who previously provided content (all migrated!) and @ashley whose original color scheme inspired the defaults here (though you can also pick literally whatever color/mode works for you!)

pssst for the past ~6 months when I had a minute I'd tweak on a redesign of QEMU QED and it's finally shareable:


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