...you all have read this incredible Mar Hicks piece on COBOL, maintenance, U.S. austerity, and the labor of care, right? Right?


my first in-print issue of Logic arrived on a day that I sorely needed it, just weeping and want all those out there who Care to know I see you too

@edsu the one thing I might recommend is trying out one of the official "flavours" instead of the default GNOME desktop environment - I find recent GNOME versions to be a giant memory hog for no good reason. I like Ubuntu Budgie, but Kubuntu and Ubuntu MATE seem to have large followings as well.

@edsu I'll echo everyone else in this thread and say Ubuntu desktop is probably still the simplest way to jump back in, esp if you were happy with it before. Been running it dual-booted with Windows on my work-provided ThinkPad for the last two years and it 99% Just Works (1% graphic driver fiddling if you have multiple displays or a dock)

I can probably acquire this elsewhere but I'm just so curious what happens here

@ashley why yes i WILL spend Friday in pursuit of such an elaborate workflow for the sake of this joke, thank you

@ashley oh, that's a real interesting idea! the idea for the presentations I have in mind is that they will wind up embedded on the EaaSI/SPN site - which is a bunch of custom Wordpress, so that might get tricky. but if I test and settle on it quickly enough, could probably get the specs to the web contractor...

@andrewjbtw it feels like, given the popularity of e.g. Neocities, this would/should be a thing

Anyone aware of PPT or Google Slides templates that try to mimic mid-90s software aesthetic?

Basically trying to make my slides look like this, but also currently lacking the energy to actually migrate or work in Office 95

I know Google doesn't want me to get hung up on such old-school particulars as "file management", but what I wouldn't give for a "copy to [location]" option in Drive...

quarantine WFH has drastically decreased the amount of time it takes to reach the dissociative state of being like "who made this terrible spreadsheet choice" and realizing it was you

this used to at least take a couple months, now I check the version history and it's like yeah you did that on Monday bud

Blaseball reminds me so much of what the internet was like before F***b***k, of trawling weird AIM subgroups and role-playing in NationStates forums

Long live federated social networks, community-supported infrastructure, and whatever blaseball is

(blaseball is love)

I know you're all here for the emulation and archives and A/V cable talk or whatever but I regret to inform you this will now only be a blaseball fan account from now on

the Flowers are killing me out here, I'm going to need our rotation to step up

As someone lucky(?) enough to be in a grant-funded job right now, frankly it feels wildly irresponsible to issue cultural heritage grants for literally anything except payroll protection right now


1) are Linux email clients a trash fire of never-updated early-aughts design

2) can't MPOW switch to Hey email addresses *right now*

My professional career has been building to the moment of explaining another Mac OS chipset migration to my family

Also, if you would like to celebrate landmark LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination case law, how about ya do that by helping fight for trans rights *every day*


I don't know who else needs to hear this, but TIL that ' $ cd - ' will take you back to your previous directory and I am shook

"Let me just pop over and see what Office 365 does with this .ppt" he said

"I can get that done before the next Zoom call" he said

Best part about using Linux almost all the time but keeping a Windows partition for occasional use is that baked in to that "occasional" is an extra 30 minutes minimum of running updates

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