specifically working in Vue here, I think, but really any guidance on terminology or tools here to help me figure out what to search is helpful

Doc-minded colleagues: does anyone know of good + accessible tools or libraries for creating help-text overlays or guided actions on a web site?

Like, something that can be integrated into a front-end client that enables a "tutorial" mode with scripted actions and text you can advance through to explain the interface

FYI, all good here - thanks if anyone checked!

Does anyone possibly have a digital copy of the paperback TOTEM (Trustworthy Online Technical Environment Metadata Database) guide? The database itself (keep-totem.co.uk/) has unfortunately turned out...not trustworthy.

Our department owns a physical copy that is trapped and inaccessible at the moment, so we can come up with some kind of one-on-one Controlled Digital Lending agreement...


@petrichor my favorite was when an adjunct literally asked to teach a first-semester course on Digital Literacy expressed shock to me that students were coming into their course without much...digital literacy

@petrichor a thing that I observed for 2+ years doing tech support for a graduate program - with students ranging from just-out-of-undergrad to mid-career Gen Xers - was that faculty wildly overestimated *everyone's* degree of digital literacy (not comfort level, different things), regardless of age

there's absolutely a shift happening, but I agree that the story is way more complicated. but I guess if you only talk to profs who teach undergrads, that's where you're going to draw conclusions

@bitsgalore it is unfortunate that this tweet reduces your (extremely thorough) response to an obviously tongue-in-cheek image

we have a large number of MS-DOS programs running in EaaSI (QEMU) that seem to install properly but crash + reboot DOS when run, and I think I need to learn about DOS memory management, and I really don't want to

Software Preservation Network will be hosting a "show and tell"-style discussion with two amazing practitioners (@VickyRampin and @elenarchivist ) next week!

Our software heritage is more than Doom, Clippy, and the Space Jam web site. Please join in for a fun discussion of some other software stories and the work SPN members do.

Details and registration here:

Last night we put on some Lifetime movie (it's been a rough couple weeks) that featured a hacker breaking into Vivica A. Fox's computer and they appeared to use htop to open a PDF, delightful

for the fediverse, @bitsgalore referred me on the birdsite to his scripts for creating/burning discs of various types, which should easily be adapted to make samples!

once I have a corpus that I'm happy with, I'll see if I can post it publicly so that other folks can just nab the images


friends: is there a demo/sample corpus out there of CD-ROM disk images that demonstrates the behavior and proper imaging of the various Book/disc types?

- mixed-mode
- multi-session
- hybrid filesystem

@pixelflowers ooh interesting! TBH I have gone back and forth about including Atari emulators.

on the one hand, I try to keep the focus off of video game emulation (which is well-covered elsewhere, and I just couldn't keep up with all the console emulators out there)

on the other hand, that's a very fine and arbitrary line sometimes, like with Amiga or MAME/MESS. ST emulators should at least probably be in there. and this article is def relevant for emulating CRT graphics across the board!

@axfelix the partition's still there, I can see vmlinuz and initrd images, everything seems fine on that side, the issue's grub complaining about i386-pc/normal.mod being missing, which prevents it from doing, basically anything, and indeed I can't find it in any of the places it could/should be

indeed it's pretty Not Worth It compared to making a new environment with their newer install method anyway. I'm mostly baffled because EaaS is set up in a way specifically to avoid this sort of thing

as far as I can tell, the pre-built VMs are just a single-partition, BIOS install (i386-pc directory is present at (root)/boot/grub/, but no modules inside...)

plus, the whole deal with EaaS environments is that any changes made by the user can be discarded, so I'm quite certain I wouldn't have saved the environment this way after making any intentional change/choice/update

Has anyone ever witnessed a problem with BitCurator seemingly spontaneously wiping its own grub install? Perhaps on system reboot?

Context: a while back I imported and (successfully) used one of the pre-built BitCurator 2.0.16 VMs in Emulation-as-a-Service. I've returned to that environment and I now only get the "grub rescue>" prompt, and it seems like the core "normal" grub module is just...gone?

@platypus the other day one of the just-graduated cohort asked whether anyone from our program had successfully received PSLF (which the admins bring up anytime confronted with this issue) and the silence was deafening

@platypus contemplating whether to post this series on my grad program's alumni listserv, I already highlight Debt Collective events on the regular

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