@dsalo yeah, everything I've heard from folks doing DV transfer regularly is that the dongle-on-dongle-on-dongle approach still works even to get things into USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports; but it just sounds like a troubleshooting nightmare to me

if I knew *anything* about hardware hacking that would be super fun to try to take an old PCI FireWire expansion card and try to shrink the design down to this Framework, this is a cool project

@VickyRampin what's your graphics card + driver situation?

seems like it could either be an upstream Zoom client + Ubuntu 22.04 thing or an Nvidia driver + Ubuntu 22.04 thing, a couple suggestions that might be worth trying in here:

@joe I'll have to give it a shot in a VM! I still have some sample flux images from some Apple II floppies the Beinecke was struggling with, I was always curious how AppleSauce might handle them

@joe oooh I didn't realize it was like the Kryoflux or FluxEngine client software and you could use without hardware. Is it still macOS-only?

Have any reMarkable users played with rmfakecloud? Seems like what I've been wanting to sync my tablet in a meaningful way to my Nextcloud, but a little nervous about it

Also curious what kind of hardware folks run it on. Raspberry Pi? Could it maybe run on the same VPS my Nextcloud is already on?


Forget the secret Prince tapes or whatever, release the Ishtar soundtrack

I finally pieced together all the tutorials that folks on the birdsite linked me on APIs, a GUI tool that makes (some) visual sense to me, someone else's Python script, and some half-baked/auto-generated documentation into a successful GET request on an EaaSI deployment and I'm so stunned I forgot what to do next

A quirk of our apartment is that our landlord provides and controls the wifi (he's a WFH San Francisco expat tech manager of some sort) - nice in that he shouldered the cost/brunt of getting both our households set up with the highest-tier service option available (covered with rent) and set up a good mesh network, downside is that I don't have router control ergo can't set up all the weird home servers I want

Oh yeah also I forgot to mention that I have a lot of random opinions about Soviet and Russian cinema so definitely enjoy @CinemaMillions now that you're all on the fedi

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Frankly not sure whether I ever did a proper post, so making one I can pin:

Hello, new and seasoned fediverse! My name's Ethan, I live in central Massachusetts in the U.S I'm also a struggling puzzle addict and I'm curious about tech. I post too much about work (as a digital archivist) so trying to post more about what I'm reading, watching, playing.

I keep several long-form blogs if that's your thing:

Mellon Foundation and Doodle re-branding on the same day: coincidence?

New EaaSI training module out, this time introducing what we mean by an "EaaSI network" and how we use OAI-PMH:


By god, I just might actually finish 8 of these before the end of the grant period as promised!

NYU Cinema Studies still using a VirtualBox setup I put together five years ago to access artists' CD-ROMs, giving me a pick-me-up after two weeks of wrangling with the uncertain future of a grant-funded term position 🤗


We used to have this debate in grad school: if they are two sides of the same coin (conceptually encompassing different sets of activities and concerns but at some level useless without the other), what's coin called

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The Nintendo/game preservation debate going around has confirmed for me more than ever that we need a new word in English that encompasses the concepts of both preservation and access

I am *still* clicking "Deny" on VPN authentication requests, don't think I've let you off the hook Duo

No, this is not a post about Wordle, and yes, this is a post about Wordle.

Ethan Gates | Puzzling

A thing I love about snap apps is how the font cache corrupts literally every time you quit a program

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