friends: is there a demo/sample corpus out there of CD-ROM disk images that demonstrates the behavior and proper imaging of the various Book/disc types?

- mixed-mode
- multi-session
- hybrid filesystem

Taking a Friday afternoon campus-wide server outage as an opportunity to catch up on reading: NDSA Levels of Preservation 2.0, DLF's Levels of Born-Digital Access, NARA's file format preservation plans.....quite the month!

I have an issue with being interested in/working with where I basically feel obligation to work on professional development *all the time* - blogging, tinkering, reading the stuff posted by you lovely people here or on Twitter, thinking about workshops or labs

It's right there constantly - since it's in the same place as my "relaxation" (Instagram, Netflix, podcasts, etc), i.e. on my phone or laptop

How do you shut off and take a weekend and evening to yourself?

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