My Hello Void pin serving as guiding philosophy this Friday, every Friday, every day forever

amazing installation screen for a custom dBase application released by the Census Bureau in ~1995

there is literally no more context to this

I'm pleased to announce the international headquarters for my new disruptive startup LOBSTaH

When you don't have any test tapes to check your theoretical DAT workflow but you do have blank DAT tapes make a new one!

We share our office floor with some other Tisch departments but I've never particularly gotten to know any of them and I regret that now is a space for folks interested in productive conversations about, well, digital preservation! If you enjoy talking about how to do memory work with computers, or even with cardboard boxes of old photos, you belong with us on Many of us are/were Twitter users looking for an inclusive and community supported approach to social media. If any of these things sound good to you, consider joining us now.