I'm enjoying the little digipres library I'm building up next to my desk:

- Home Computers: 100 Icons That Defined a Generation
- How Video Works
- Black Software
- Re-Collection
- Kill It With Fire
- The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation
- Race After Technology
- 1995: the Year the Internet Broke 😈
- Breaking Things At Work
- The Real World of Technology
- Subprime Attention Crisis
- Computing (by Ceruzzi)
- Glitch Feminism

...what am I missing? 😇

It's been a tough month, such that I haven't had a chance to properly hype: I've been published!!!

The Handbook of Archival Practice is a new and really neat encyclopedic snapshot of current activities around preserving both analog and digital materials. There's a great balance of traditional and emerging concerns, and I was kindly invited to contribute the entry on "Emulation"!

Yay it works though!

It's best practice to set up your station right next to the litter box right

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This is disconcerting because I was just ranting about optical media in a webinar this week

An underrated tragedy that Apple went for NeXT instead of BeOS - maybe we would still have "don't nag" buttons

tfw you're making a disc about "World Trade Flows" but have a max character limit for path

my first in-print issue of Logic arrived on a day that I sorely needed it, just weeping and want all those out there who Care to know I see you too

I can probably acquire this elsewhere but I'm just so curious what happens here

Anyone aware of PPT or Google Slides templates that try to mimic mid-90s software aesthetic?

Basically trying to make my slides look like this, but also currently lacking the energy to actually migrate or work in Office 95

My Hello Void pin serving as guiding philosophy this Friday, every Friday, every day forever

amazing installation screen for a custom dBase application released by the Census Bureau in ~1995

there is literally no more context to this

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