pinging this post back up since it didn't get a lot of response back in December (plus, stealth-testing my blog migration to self-hosted wordpress...)

Do you use BagIt? An implementation that I missed in my new round-up? I want to make sure I've got the lay of the land!

@The_BFOOL this one for js:
i've used it in this electron app (very prototipal) being used by italian publishers for voluntary digital legal deposit of ebooks at national library

@ashley thanks!! step 1 was just "make it look exactly the same" 😂

but! excited to maybe get some more plugins and customize (without shelling out $100/yr for Wordpress Premium 🙄 )

@The_BFOOL Haha... I think it looks a bit better but maybe it's because I switched to Firefox 💅

@The_BFOOL bagins is a go implementation used by parts of the APTrust crowd,
For an example of extending a bagit implementation, I extended the bagit-python class to make an updateable bag.
and extended that class as the basis for my digitized av package verification tools

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