wondering what emulation as a local community service would look like

I've often joked about needing a Home Floppy Day event on the level of Home Movie Days, and thinking that my goal for next year's WDPD should be to put something like that together

@The_BFOOL I know people in the nordic C64 scene has done modern preservation focused swap-meets at demo parties, where they take in peoples old (pirate) floppy collections and image them for them.

@duffadash right, things like this, but taken even more broadly. that is, in the year 2022, dedicated C64/AppleII/DOS/whatever communities are to a large degree self-selected, which still leaves a massive amount of personal/private digital material out there. where are the places we can bring the expertise rather than asking folks to come to the experts

@duffadash (just questioning/musing here, and probably largely influenced by an American perspective where we have a severe lack of public spaces and services as a model or thing people participate in)

@The_BFOOL That is a good point. Would it be possible to advertise it as a service at public libraries, maker spaces, community, second-hand stores, churches and even retirement clubs across the US? Flyers and newsletters with the option of "let us 'digitize' your old floppies before they die for good"?

@duffadash @The_BFOOL DCPL Memory Lab IMLS Grant which focuses on digipres tools and programs in public libraries. Most public interest is in the AV resources but other obsolete media as well.

@algeebraten @duffadash yes!!! I am honored that Siobhan invited me to give a couple of MLN webinars 🤗

including one on emulation, but I'd love to take it a step further from "here's some guidance on how this works, resources to explore, breakdown of gatekeeping terminology" etc etc and really dig into step-by-step processes for fitting it into Memory Lab-type workflows, events, equipment. including portable/mobile models like Indigitization.

@The_BFOOL @algeebraten @duffadash Great ideas! I'd be up to help out on a home floppy day or something like this if it's in MA. We've gotten sporadic use of our digital media kits but I think an event would be really fun/have more uptake

@The_BFOOL I think it looks at least something like RADD and PROUD. (Not PRAVDA, that one's for A/V.)

@dsalo yes!!! so much work done in the memory lab space to build off of

@The_BFOOL I'm gonna be invited to the opening of an A/V lab in a small public library in the spring. Gonna bring 'em a 3.5 floppy drive as a present.

@The_BFOOL at the specific time of this post I was answering a co-worker's questions about if and how to keep old games on optical media 〰️

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