Has anyone ever essentially added "product owner" to their already-existing job duties

(by which I mean, for a particular piece of software/platform perform tasks like:
- facilitate weekly meeting with dev team
- convey requirements to dev team
- update project management software with progress
- meeting with UX/UI designer and conveying requirements/feedback as-needed)

and if so: were you compensated extra and how much?

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both GLAM-specific and general tech responses to this appreciated

@The_BFOOL same as @laissezfarrell. Yes, and also no 🤑 . I would also add other tasks (that might replace or add to some in your list) that include writing documentation/workflows and/or training, writing reports for management, user administration, etc.

@lawork @laissezfarrell some of those are essentially already on my books 😅 which is another thing making this a bit tricky!

@The_BFOOL just feeling the same as everyone else: yeah this should be a title and comp bump, but in my experience (of which I don't really have)... no

@ashley @The_BFOOL I think, at least locally, that the idea is/was "this is something that is already being done, maybe even by this person, but we're just formalizing the role in our agile-ish project management approach."

Not that it's a good thing, but I don't think it crossed anyone's mind that adding a second (third, fourth, etc) hat to staff who already wear multiple hats needed to be called out with job title/salary bump.

@laissezfarrell @ashley yeah I think it might be an ideological impasse between labor and management on whether you see "formalizing an exploitative/overburdened role" as a good thing 😄

@The_BFOOL I’ve had the role before, but was already doing the work and then an admin was like “this is what we are calling your role on this project now”. Knowing what I know now, I would have asked for a higher salary but didn’t realize or know how to do it.

@The_BFOOL yes and no. It was a first-day-of-the-job surprise (not in the ad, did not come up in interview) and after 2 years of hard work an AD threw it all out the window without explanation.

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